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Hannah Pedersen

I am a Colorado native, but take the chance to travel whenever I can! I love watching movies, spoiling my dogs, and obviously, traveling to new places and experiencing different people and cultures

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Great Ocean Road

We had a very long day today, but it was well worth the 14 hours on and off the bus. We got to take a tour of the Great Ocean Road, which had multiple stops and was the most gorgeous view of the ocean I have ever seen.11722274_10205869369406636_4180090044438371493_o

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Here At Last!

First off, I had a great time in Los Angeles getting to spend time with friends and family. But, I was definitely eager to get to Melbourne. When I got to my gate at LAX, I met a few of the people in my program who were all so nice. When we boarded the plane, five minutes before take off, no one was in my row. I thought to myself, could I be this lucky again? But, within the next minute, a guy sat down. Shucks! Fortunately the seat in between us was empty though. I got to talking to the guy and funny enough he is from Melbourne, but planning on moving to Colorado. Such a small world we live in.

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From Summer to Winter

As you may well know, it will be winter in Australia when I am there. This is because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, where the winter season begins on June 1st. Another fact is that Melbourne and Sydney are 16 hours ahead of mountain time. When alot of you are waking up for the morning, I will be going to sleep or already be sleeping that same day. 

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Stoked to Explore Australia

I leave in about a week for Melbourne. I have planned for 9 extra days at the end of my program to explore Australia a little more, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet.

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14 Days Until I'm Down Unda'

Only 14 days to go until I leave for Melbourne! I remember when it was over 100 days and I thought the day would never come.

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