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Bianca M. Giron

Bianca M. Giron

Bianca Giron, a Sports/Entertainment/Event Management student, hails from Auburn, Maine. When Bianca is not creating the perfect burrito at BYOB, you can find her working hard in the SHARP Program, or in the in Global Citizens Club, Cultural Connections, JWUProject and Pride Alliance. In her spare time (ha!), Bianca is fond of lounging in her pajamas with with a good flick.

Recent Posts by Bianca M. Giron:

Term Break: Time to Reconnect with Family & Pets

Bianca Giron cherishes time with her cat during term breaks. Sure, she also misses her parents and her community, but sometimes pet love is as fierce as familial love.

Topics: Campus Life

Freshman Year: A Tizzy of Exhilaration & Uncertainty

 I remember when I realized I’d be spending the next four years here,

I was excited but also filled with fear.

I unpacked in my dorm and introduced myself to new faces,

Explored the campus and discovered new places.

Topics: Campus Life

JWU Providence Student Bianca Expresses Herself Poetically

When JWU Providence student Bianca isn’t crafting poems, she’s involved in the Global Citizens Club, Cultural Connections, JWU Project and Pride Alliance. In this first poem, Bianca introduces herself to the JWU community.

My name is Bianca, I always have something to say,

Life isn’t black and white to me, it's gray.

Topics: Providence