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Bianca M. Giron

Bianca M. Giron

Bianca Giron, a Sports/Entertainment/Event Management student, hails from Auburn, Maine. When Bianca is not creating the perfect burrito at BYOB, you can find her working hard in the SHARP Program, or in the in Global Citizens Club, Cultural Connections, JWUProject and Pride Alliance. In her spare time (ha!), Bianca is fond of lounging in her pajamas with with a good flick.

Recent Posts by Bianca M. Giron:

Thoughts Before Studying Abroad

 JWU student Bianca Giron departs for Australia on June 25 to study abroad. To commemorate the occasion, she does one the things she does best: she pens a poem.

Topics: Study Abroad

An Ode to Finishing my Second Year at JWU

As Bianca Giron finishes her second year at JWU, she reminisces on the good, the bad and the hysterical.Her sophomore year was poetically jammed with Skittles, studying and funny catastrophes.

Topics: Providence

'The Night Before Midterms' An Ode to Studying

As JWU students settle into a long night of studying for midterms,  JWU student blogger & poet Bianca Giron pens a humorous poem dedicated to the art of happy midterm-taking.

Topics: Providence

JWU's Alternative Spring Break

Bianca M. Giron finds purpose and meaning in her recent Alternative Spring Break adventure in Baltimore, Maryland. She shares her memorable experience in a poem about the beauty of giving back.

Topics: Providence Campus Life

Being a Vegetarian at JWU

Bianca Giron is passionate about poetry, animals, vegetarianism and activism. Her latest project is creating a new JWU club, the JWU Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Topics: Sustainability Providence Campus Life