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What Mask Are You Wearing?

What if you were told you could not be the person you are, and you had to act and portray your life the way everyone else wanted you to? JWU Providence Counseling Psychology student Jake S. Thongsythavong writes about his very personal experience & shares advice.

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Career Advice From a JWU Senior

When JWU Providence senior Taylor Shultz isn't studying to earn her degree in Hotel & Lodging Management, she networks, sits on the executive board of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality and makes the most of her class-free Fridays.

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College Leadership Rhode Island Session 2

The 2nd session of the  2016 College Leadership of Rhode Island was packed with networking, meaningful presentations and butterfly gardens. JWU Providence student Samantha Riley flitted away with a renewed passion for the future.

Topics: Providence Campus Life

10 Resources for the College Student

How fitting that JWU Providence student Tori Murphy is pursuing a degree in Counseling Psychology because all she wants to do is help people. Her new post provides 10 online resources that she hopes will make university living a little easier.

Topics: Providence Campus Life Counseling + Psychology

JWU Denver Student Educates Teens on Driver Safety

National Teen Driver Safety Week is on October 16-22, 2016 and JWU Denver student Jacob Smith's internship at Safe Kids Worldwide is spreading awareness and helping educate teens about the importance of safety and driving.

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JWU & College Leadership Rhode Island

Samantha Riley is proud new member of the Class of 2016 College Leadership Rhode Island, and she's surrounded by stellar company, motivation and the promise of being a part of something inspirational.

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