JWU Student Blogs

5 Ways to Cope with Homesickness

 Tori Murphy displays her compassionate spirit by sharing tips on dealing with longing for home while in college. Tori is studying counseling psychology student at JWU Providence.

Topics: Providence

How important is love and happiness to you?

JWU Providence student, Jake Thongsythavong, delivers his first JWU Student Advice column with a bang! Jake is a Counseling Psychology student here to help you with all of life’s pesky problems.

Topics: Providence Admissions

The Last First Day at JWU

JWU Providence senior Samantha Riley is back on campus! Her last first day at JWU brims with multiple snooze button hits, rain-soaked hair, moments of uncertainty and many laughs.

Topics: Providence Campus Life

Jacob Smith is Much More than a College Intern

JWU Denver student Jacob Smith is thriving in his internship at Safe Kids Worldwide. He's traveling the country while advocating for a safer life for children.

Topics: Denver

JWU Move-in Mayhem

JWU Providence student Tori Murphy finds the calm after the storm that is JWU move-in day.