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The Fear of Missing Out

Angelina Jorge may be studying abroad in Costa Rica, but she can’t shake a mild case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Missing her shot at the National Skills USA competition is especially difficult, even when surrounded by astounding beauty.

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You’re Studying Abroad! Are You Excited?

As JWU student Angelina Jorge sits and thinks on a plane en route to Costa Rica, she shares her anxiety over leaving all that she knows for this study abroad trip. Could she have been so busy planning that she forgot to be excited?

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Tartan Love

"Have you ever felt found, not knowing you were lost?" So begins JWU student Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba's moving study abroad exploration in Scotland. 

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Thoughts Before Studying Abroad

 JWU student Bianca Giron departs for Australia on June 25 to study abroad. To commemorate the occasion, she does one the things she does best: she pens a poem.

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Adventure Is Out There!

Aboard a plane to begin her brave study abroad journey to Scotland, JWU North Miami student Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba is thrilled and anxious with the excitement of what is to come.    

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Time is of the Essence: Part II

Samantha Riley’s study abroad blog ends with a moving look at her Irish adventure. She reflects on the beauty, the tranquility and the lasting impression Ireland has made on her life. Less of a "goodbye" and more of an "until next time."

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Time is of the Essence: Part I

JWU study abroad student Samantha Riley is clinging to every moment left in her Irish adventure. This week, Samantha starts her long goodbye to the Emerald Isle at a remote campground in County Mayo.

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