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JWU Providence Student Bianca Expresses Herself Poetically

When JWU Providence student Bianca isn’t crafting poems, she’s involved in the Global Citizens Club, Cultural Connections, JWU Project and Pride Alliance. In this first poem, Bianca introduces herself to the JWU community.

My name is Bianca, I always have something to say,

Life isn’t black and white to me, it's gray.

Topics: Providence

Rose-Tinted Glasses: Samantha Riley Savors Studying Abroad In Ireland

At this point, I have surpassed two weeks of calling Ireland home and am well on the way to becoming acclimated to life in Galway. The rose-tinted glasses though, are still perfectly situated atop my nose, giving me an unobstructed view of my surroundings. Around town I still wander wide-eyed and bushy tailed about even the most minuscule of instances.

Topics: Study Abroad Advertising & Marketing Providence Baking & Pastry Arts

JWU's First Year Experience Program: I Found My Distant Brother

Born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands,  Karon J. Green's experience with JWU’s First Year Program provided him with lasting memories and a friendship that feels just like family.

The college journey begins with one step through one application, among thousands, and when you’re finally selected it’s probably the best feeling in the world.

Topics: Providence

J’adore France: My Adventures in Auvergne

Do not go to Europe if you like your sanity. I beg you! My name is Sarah Jagdip and I am a victim, happily infected by the travel bug. Picture a quiet town set in the mountains of France, the tallest evergreens and the most beautiful flowers that you’d think they’re fake. Well let me tell you I’ve been there. Yssingeaux is a beautiful, quiet town in the Auvergne region of France.

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