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J Crew On Film: "Color Crazy"

Here is a #CareerGoal for all of you fashion majors! And for those of who are not fashion majors, color theory can still be a fun subject!


On Friday I had my 20th birthday and throughout the weekend I got to celebrate it with friends. I went to dinner and a movie on Friday and on Saturday I had some close friends throw a small get together here at JWU. I was showered with love from my friends and family and I honestly feel so blessed to have seen my 20th birthday. I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday and took part in the celebration of my 20 years here on Earth! I love you all <3

TV Views From the 2200


RISD Art Museum

Last Thursday I took a trip with my art history class and some friends to the RISD art museum. We went to the museum because we later have to write an essay on our favorite piece of art and the professor wanted us to look at a collection of work with our own eyes instead of just google searching artwork. My class, friends, and I had a great time looking at all six floors of the museum. That’s right I said six floors. The museum had various famous works but also artwork from RISD college students. I think it’s magnificent that someone around the same age as me can say that their artwork is in a museum, the amount of talent all of the artists have are phenomenal. I decided to talk about the RISD art museum in my blog this week because I encourage everyone to go over to RISD (which is legit a 5 minute walk from the downcity library) and appreciate the artwork. The museum is free for students every Sunday so why not indulge yourself in one of the many cultural experiences Rhode Island has to offer.

Next Week at JWU Denver: Monsanto Talks

Next week, Robert Fraley, the Executive Vice President and Technology Officer of agricultural super-business Monsanto, will be here to speak to our campus.

Preview Day/The Grange

I hope everyone’s week was great with the first week of spring tri classes already over. I had the great opportunity to be involved with preview day for prosperous incoming freshman for the fall term! It was great being able to represent my major and tell the life of an everyday media and communications student here on campus. I was able to talk to the students about why my major is so unique and the fact that myself as well as two other students who were with me will be a part of the inaugural class of media communications students. Since the program is so new (only two years old) it was important for us to speak to possible freshman about the uniqueness and customization qualities of the major. I am honored to be doing this for my second time. What made the experience even more worthwhile was that I, along with two other students got to have brunch with one of our favorite professors who helped with preview day as well. Here is a picture of our delicious brunch from The Grange located on Broadway!

Healthy Eating in America

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUKOt_SvTQc?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=https://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=281]

Is it even possible to eat healthy in America? The video above explains the difficulty of buying healthy foods in the average supermarkets. Products like Nutella, Kraft Dinner, and even Campbell’s food labels get debunked. They are not as healthy as others may believe.

Click those heels

It’s day three of internship. What have I learned so far?
1. No matter how well you think you know your skills, they can always get better.
2. No matter how tired you think you are, you can always go further.

We've been Blessed!

Its beginning to look a lot like Spring time! The sun is shinning, the snow is melting, and the heavy coats are coming off. I walked out the doors of my apartment this morning with SUNGLASSES on..Sunglasses guys! I can’t believe I am excited to feel 45 degree whether because I’m use to 60 degrees and higher, but this is a nice break from the freezing cold.

It's finally here!

Spring Term has officially begun with classes starting today! So far I had 3 of my 4 classes today which were Intro to News Writing, TV Studies and Art History. Tomorrow I have Principles of Marketing which I am excited for since it is my first marketing class ever. I am really excited about all of my classes especially news writing because it pertains to my career path as well as the three classes are good additions to my academic palette. I hope everyone had a great first day of classes and an even better second day! Let’s go JWU!


JWU if you didn’t know March 6, 2015 was Blackout day and I just wanted to share my experience with it.


Hey everyone! I hope everyone got through finals because spring break has long been anticipated! Unfortunately, I am not going anywhere warm but I am still happy to go home to see my friends, family and boyfriend. I am excited however to just relax and not worry about academics for awhile because just in a week’s time I will be back to Providence. I hope everyone has a warm and safe spring break and to those who are in warmer places I am so jealous! See you in a week wildcats!