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Denver - Finals

Excuse me, I think the whole Denver campus is full of zombies. Everyone’s dazed looks, the packed library, and the inevitable campus-wide coffee shortage can only mean one thing…

J.Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Hey everyone! I hope that y’all are not too exhausted studying for finals! However, even though this week was stressful finishing up last minute essays and projects I was able to have a little “break.” On Wednesday I learned that my favorite artist J.Cole is coming to Providence at Lupos which is located on Washington Street. I am beyond ecstatic to go to the concert on April 7th with a few of my friends and watch him on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album tour.

Impending Doom

Alright everyone, finals are coming up this week. Thanks to snow days, a bunch of us have lost our Monday reading day here, so that’s less time to study. Or procrastinate. But you shouldn’t, because that’s lazy and wrong and obviously we’d never do that.

Its that time again JWU



Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This weekend I got to celebrate my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend which was also our 7 month anniversary. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best but we were still able to have fun with staying inside, baking cookies and brownies, ordering take-out and watching our favorite movies. He also got me a really cute bear with chocolates and my favorite flowers which are red roses.

Peace, Love, Bread Valentine Event

After only having three hours of sleep the previous night. I remembered that I had to go to the Peace, Love, Bread Valentine Event at 8:30 am. Fortunately my uniform was already ironed. The original plan was to go there make 1 bread and leave. Luckily I was able to stay the entire event without even noticing time fly by so quickly.

It Won't Stop Snowing D:

If you’re up here in chilly New England, than you’re probably experiencing the forth consecutive weekend with a snowstorm. We’re running out of room to put it all! I absolutely cannot wait for spring and all this snow melts away.

Real Talk: Roommate Troubles

It’s that thing that you go into college thinking, “I’ll never have that problem!” It is an issue that other people deal with, sure, but you? You’re easygoing and dare you say it, a pretty cool person. Why would a roommate ever have an issue with you? And hey, if someone is annoying you, you just talk to them! No big deal! You are going to head off to college, be best friends with your roommate, and neither of you will ever lock the other one in the bathroom. Cool.

Entremets, petits gateaux, & lots and lots of pretzels!

This week has been so busy! I’m so tired, but most of that is relief because I’m finally done with my Entremet practical and final project. All in all I really did enjoy the class - the cool thing about entremets is that they’re cakes with no smoothly-iced buttercream involved!


Hey everyone! So I wanted to use this post to talk about the Grammy Awards that happened last night at 8pm. My favorites from the show were definitely Beyonce winning her 20th Grammy and Sam Smith winning I believe 4 awards for the evening. My roommate is a Fashion and Merchandising major here on campus so we watched the pre-show on the E network for the fashion selections of the evening by the artists. I think everyone looked great and performed very well. However, my favorite performance was Beyonce’s performance with “Take My Hand Precious Lord” introducing John Legend and Common with their song “Glory.” The performance was really touching with adding the “hands up don’t shoot” message which was mentioned in Beyonce’s performance as well as in Pharrell’s performance earlier in the show. I wrote this post so I can get answers into what everyone’s thoughts were of the Grammys (nominations, wins and performances) and what were your favorite and least favorite moments of the night. Let me know! Stay warm my JWU fam and enjoy your snow day :)

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance

Obsession ALERT!

If you haven’t gotten hooked you need to right now! Empire is an amazing show and the words speak for themselves… MUSIC.FAMILY.POWER.THE BATTLE BEGINS.

Birthdays, Sushi, and Bowling

Hey everyone! Last week I ended my school week in celebrating one of my best friends birthdays! She turned 20 so we went out to eat and then bowling which was a load of fun unlike all the projects I had to get through previously. We went to “10 Steak and Sushi” which is legit down the street from the downcity campus library where I got two california rolls which were delicious.

Wait, what do you mean it's February?!

I can’t be the only one thinking that this year is going way, way too fast. I have five more labs before I finish my associate’s degree, and just 17 more days of class until winter term is over. It’s unbelievable.