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Happy Holidays!

Hey everybody! So I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday experience no matter which holiday you celebrate. Personally I had a great Christmas with my friends, family and boyfriend. Christmas makes me feel like a kid again and it was great to celebrate with everyone that I love. I got gifts from my parents, siblings and boyfriend and everyone’s gift was so thoughtful and exactly what I wanted. I received a Michael Kors watch from my boyfriend, a Sephora gift card from my sister and a Visa card (to do even more shopping lol) from my parents.

And a Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you celebrated!

Christmas in Bed:(

Christmas is my favorite holiday and this year I’m spending it here in RI SICK!!!!

A season of giving, and giving back

Merry Christmas, fellow bloggers! Hope you all are having a great, restful break so far. Not surprisingly, I’ve been busy doing some holiday baking for the family, testing out some new recipes that I’ve only used once or twice in class. So far they’ve been a success, especially my Pannetone that I made a few days ago to test it before I make it for everyone again on Christmas eve.

Back Home to Jersey

And... Break!

WHAT? It’s already Winter break?

Where does all your money go?

Shop wisely! #tru-talk

The Benefits of Professional Dress


Live Laugh Love

Last week I missed some interesting activities that were hosted by the Centennial House and JWU Global Citizen Program. It’s about building Gingerbread House and illuminating lights at the La Salette Shrine light festival. Luckily I got some pictures from my friend who have participated to the activities! The events seem fun.

Birthdays, Album releases, and Sickness

Exploring Denver: The Mercury Cafe

Tonight, I and a group of friends visited The Mercury Cafe here in Denver to watch their Open Mic Poetry Night. As we drove down the street, we spotted a windowed building, full of warm colors and soft, strung lights. I said, “Hey guys I think this is it?” and received a resounding chorus of “YESSSS” and “It’s so pretty!!”

We walked in and were even more in awe. It seemed like everything you’d want in a comfy café. Homemade desserts (all sweetened naturally) and a list of coffees, as well as menus to order food from. We followed into the Jungle Room where the poetry was going to be performed and sat down, just taking in the beautiful curtained walls and red and white lights strung from the ceiling. Absolutely perfect ambience.

Fried Tomatoes: New Word Cuisine

Day 5

Yield: 8 Servings

Serving Size: 2 slice


4 Tomatoes

Flour, as needed

Egg wash, as needed

Panko bread crumbs, as needed

Salt, to taste

Method of Preparation:

  1. Gather all ingredients and equipment
  2. Heat deep fryer to 350ºF
  3. Slice to tomatoes about a half and inch thick (about 4 slices per tomato).
  4. Coat the tomatoes using the standard breading procedure.
  5. Fry until golden brown.
  6. Drain excess oil on wire rack and season with salt.
  7. Serve immediately.


This dish was use for the Caribbean menu. Caribbean Cuisine is widely known for the use of ingredients such as coconut, yucca, plantain, curry, okra, and many other exotic products. There cuisine was influenced by Aztec, Maya, Spanish, and African culture. The main cooking methods in these countries are boiling, grilling, deep/shallow-frying, barbecuing, sautéing, and stewing. Almost all dishes are accompanied by a form of rice, bean, coffee, corn, or pepper.

The Fried Tomatoes uses the deep-fat fry cooking method. Deep-fat frying is a dry heat cooking method. This cooking method is best used for tender foods. The result provides a crispy exterior and moist interior. In order for a product to be considered deep-fat fried, the product must have been completely submerged in fat during the frying process. After following the standard breading procedure and fried, the product must be drained in order to remove excess oil. Acidic foods most commonly accompany fried foods.


Day 5 is our second day of production. During service hours I was in charge of cleaning. The purpose of cleaning during service hours is to give the class less things to do during closing hours in order to go leave on time and on extreme cases early. During production our group was in charge of making fried tomatoes, sofitas, yucca fries, and deep fried red snappers. Our opening duties were: wash and sanitize tables, place green and red pails with the appropriate solution and rags around the room, and set up blanching pot. Our closing duties were: Organize shelves, cages, and cabinets, clean tile walls around the kitchen, clean and sanitize vegetable and hand sinks, and clean windows.

Overall, I think Day 5 so far was my personal best day I had in New World Cuisine. Unlike previous days, I was able to stay active during the entire time from opening to closing duties. During opening duties I went straight to doing placing green and red pails around the room. During production, we mise en place for the sofritas (by cutting the garlic onions, peppers, and herbs), Snappers, and fried tomatoes in a fast and organized fashion. I also learned how to handle yucca for the first time. During service hours, I was really determined to be able to get out on time by decreasing the work load during closing duties. I figured that we are able to clean unused equipment (such as grills, stoves, tables, etc.) set up the table for class feast, and manage dishes we could possibly get out earlier. As a result we were able to finish our closing duties a few minutes after eight. This was the fastest time we ever got out of class since day 2. One thing our group was unable to do during mise en place until instructed by the instructor was to set up the fish fryer. My goal for day 6 and future days is to be able to finish our closing duties as a class before eight as well as to remember everything for mise en place.

Comment allez-vous?

With the first week of winter tri behind us and winter break close enough to taste, I want to take this time to catch you all up on my last few weeks through prose. (Please note that I am no Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss. I am lucky these even rhyme).

Herb Roasted Chicken: New World Cuisine

Yield: 8 Servings Serving size: ¼ chicken

My favorite Public Library

Besides taking picture, I enjoy traveling and checking out new places. I have been to ‘Boston Public Library' several times.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

My first week of winter tri was really busy, but I’m loving it so far! Right now I’m in my Viennoiserie lab, and I’m learning a lot. Starting at 6 am means I’m exhausted by the end of the day, but we cram so much into those seven hours that it’s definitely worth it.

First Week of Winter Tri and Holiday Shopping: COMPLETE

Hey everyone! So this week has been CRAZY getting ready for the first week of class and thinking about what to do for the holidays. Not to my surprise I already got over 100 pages of reading and still had no clue what to get my loved ones for the holidays. So I hit the bookstore then I went to the mall to see what I should get for everyone.

Short and Sweet

My first week of winter trimester has been… hectic, crazy, a bit stressful, and so awesome.

Winter Tri Already?!

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was fabulous - I’m sure it was because who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?!