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I was so sad when I realized I wasn’t going home this break. I promised my managers that I would work Black Friday and volunteered for not one but two shifts…Lets just say my legs and feet were screaming at the end of the night.

Thank you JERSEY

Hey everyone! This was such a good week at home and I am so grateful that I was able to spend so much quality time with my boyfriend, friends and family. First my boyfriend picked me up from the train station with my favorite flowers and drove me home after the long journey I had coming from Providence.

Nothing like family and good food!

I was so happy to get down to Florida for Thanksgiving! Gaebe Commons here in Providence looked like a ghost town last Saturday - seemed like if you weren’t an RA or SA you were expected to make the trek home. I caught my flight on Saturday afternoon and happily landed in 70-degree weather.

Thanksgiving Break

Happy (late) Thanksgiving! I’ve had an absolutely lovely break, spending time at home, with local friends, and my family.

Great time in November

Me, my sister and my friends attended Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. It was so much fun! I enjoyed every second. Floats, balloons, bands, clowns.

My First Term at Johnson & Wales University

There’s a lot of goals I’ve accomplished during my first term at Johnson & Wales University. I never missed a single day of any of my classes. I joined three club organizations as well as took other clubs into consideration. I went to more school events than most of my friends. I had the opportunity to speak with upperclassmen about their experiences and what they would have done differently as a freshmen. My biggest accomplishment was being the youngest Student Assistant at Snowden Dining (I definitely wasn’t the best or anywhere close to that but I progressed really fast).

Bye Prov, Back to Jersey :)

Hey everyone! So last week was jam packed with a ton of stuff that I thought I would share with everyone :) So first I helped out the Campus Herald by sitting outside in the BITTER cold collecting cans for the Rhode Island Food Bank. Even though the weather was almost unbearable I loved what I was doing and can’t wait to do another table in December when we get back from break. If you are interested in donating cans by any chance you can drop them off in the Campus Herald office in the building next to the PPAC until December 18 so you can enter to win a $50 gift card to the mall!

Last Week at JWU: Late Night Breakfast


From 30 degrees to 75 and sunny!

Well, the fall trimester is in the books, and I’m so ready to head home for Thanksgiving. Before I left Florida I could not WAIT to get out of the heat - 90-degree humid summer days are no fun - but now our typical 70-80 degrees this time of year sounds great to me!

Last Week at JWU: Late Night Breakfast

During the last week of our fall trimester, we continued a tradition here at the Denver campus of Johnson & Wales: Late Night Breakfast.

Holiday in Boston!

As soon as I finished all final exams on Thursday, I were not hesitated to head to Boston for visiting my sister during the holiday school break.

The Final Count Down (Pt. 1)

The crisp fall air that proceeds throughout the city is lovely to those who have already graduated but to Johnson & Wales students it comes as a warning sign that it is, inevitably, part one of finals season. Finals season comes in three installments, as does your emotions about said season. The end of our first trimester marks the beginning of our Thanksgiving break and is, as I believe, the second hardest of the three finals weeks. While it is the first finals of the year and you students are determined to do well, it is also extremely hard to focus when all you can think about it is visiting family, going home for a week and so much food. This is especially hard at a school with such a large culinary department. On the walk to your final you may pass countless culinary labs baking and cooking away and it just seems cruel that the only thing stopping you from devouring your Thanksgiving dinner is a few tests.

Sunny & 75 in MIA with a week till Thanksgiving!

Still sunny and 75 down here in Miami!! Which is absolutely crazy since we are just a week away from Thanksgiving now (maybe this is just the Virginian in me talking…) I’m headed to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH aka Disney World for Thanksgiving so stay tuned for a much more exciting update coming up!

Snowboots and Freakouts!

Finals are literally days away JWU!! I have to admit my anxiety was WAY out of hand at first. Its very stressful studying on top of finishing projects making sure they are perfect. I am following my tips that I posted last week and so far I’m a tad bit less stressed than last year (stress and anxiety hasn’t divorced me yet but I’m hoping they will leave next week Thursday until next tri).

The Mushroom Council with the RCA

Out of all the events I’ve ever been to, this special event was one of the best events I’ve ever been to. The amount of information I’ve learned in this hour and a half seminar is phenomenal.

We all scream for ice cream!

My Hot and Cold Desserts class is half over, and I don’t want it to end. I’m loving everything about this class, from getting my first glimpse into plating desserts to tasting every flavor of ice cream and sorbet we’ve been coming up with.

Last Week at JWU Denver: Rose Levy Beranbaum

Have you ever heard the name Rose Levy Beranbaum? Maybe you recognize the name, perhaps not.

When It's Cold You...

Hot chocolate. Pumpkin pie. Toasty fires. These are the elements of winter that make it all worth it. And as our fall trimester comes to an end, we reflect on the triumphs and road blocks of fall 2014.
Personally, this semester flew. From starting a new job and adjusting back to full time student life, it didn’t take long for me to loose track of the weeks of class. It was a far cry from the achingly slow fall tri I had my freshman year, and I know some of you can attest. But as a witness, I charge you to cherish it. All too soon the ease and freedom of freshman year will yield to the mad hustle that is called Sophomore year at Johnson & Wales.
I can’t say I had a particular highlight of this semester but looking back, I am proud. Proud of what I undertook, proud that I didn’t give up no matter how difficult, and proud of the connections I made despite my busy schedule. I also felt pride watching the incoming class establish themselves at the university. Months of memories flood back to me as if I were some long graduated alumnus, reminiscing over the “glory days”. But despite my first year not being that long ago, I am proud of each and every freshman who decided that food is their passion and would not be discouraged to pursue it.
So, on the eve of our last week of classes before break, I say well done wildcats. Let’s bid fall adieu and start winter tri like we really mean it.

Let's have a movie night!

It is a movie night ,today, on Friday! The event was hosted by JWU Global Citizen Program for students to join dinner and a movie at Providence Place Mall.


Hey everyone! Last night was Midnight Madness here on the Providence campus and let’s just say that it was amazing to see the whole student body cheering on one another! For those who don’t know what Midnight Madness is or have never attended it is basically a large pep rally showcasing all of the athletic teams we have on campus. The Pre-Midnight Madness was also fun outside on the green in front of the Wildcat Center where I got to have some hot chocolate, popcorn and a free t-shirt! This was my second Midnight Madness and what made it exciting was that I got to help out the Campus Herald and write an article on the event. The Campus Herald created a photo booth where you could take pictures with your friends with a wildcat backdrop. The pictures you can find (if you took one, or just want to look at some) are found on our Facebook page! My friends and I had a blast cheering on the athletic teams, dance teams and sororities in their performances in front of everyone. I hope everyone who was able to make it had a great time!

It's the final countdown...

I had such a fabulous weekend! My parents and sister came up to New England and we spent the weekend in Boston, Massachusetts…we walked on Newbury street which was fun and harmful to my parents’ wallets and I got to wear a coat passed down from my grandma to my mom to me that I am just obsessed with - I am wearing it in the picture below (that’s my sister and me!)

Grand Grand Openings!


Fundamentals of Food Service Production Practical

Last Thursday was my last day for Fundamentals of Food Service Production. For the practical in this class we were required to create three recipes - one entree, one starch, and one veggie, in under three hours to serve 6 people. Three hours seems like more than enough time. However, considering the fact that everything is made from scratch and the recipe must be followed verbatim, It’s easy to understand how 3 hours could seem like a very short time.


Ok DON’T panic you got this…You have been preparing yourself for these finals all term…Your professors, tutor(s), people at the learning center have seen you through it all! Lets take a breath and relax this is the final week before you dive into the pool of long final exams.

JWU North Miami Town Hall!

On Wednesday, JWU North Miami SGA, which I am a part of as School of Business Senator, hosted are very first town hall of the year! Town Hall is where our campus president, dean, and department heads like safety and security, dining, res life, etc. come other to hear and address student’s concerns. It is organized in the way of a town hall meeting, where students raise their hands and once called on by the SGA President ask their questions or raise a concern. Then, the appropriate member of campus faculty answers the question on the spot.

Autumn Culinary Workshop

Every so often, there are workshops held for Culinary and Baking and Pastry students. They are a great way to learn something new or get practice on something you learned in class. For those like me, who had academic classes for the first trimester, those skill sessions are great ways to stay connected with your major, even when you might not be taking labs that particular trimester. Last week, on Halloween, several chefs got together to hold a fun, laid back, multi-faceted skill session with fall-themed activities.


Hey everyone! I don’t know about anyone else but it seems to have been so rainy lately so I thought it would be good to tell you guys some stuff I do so I don’t go crazy when I’m in my room :)

The Four Major Procedures to Having a Great Day in the Kitchen

Being properly prepared before entering the kitchen for work is extremely crucial. If one enters a kitchen unaware of what his/her duties are, he/she will most likely not get all task that need to be done. Before entering a kitchen for work, one must be organized, energized, and in peak condition in order to have a successful day. Once these three crucial qualities are present all other work will fall in to place. Gaining these qualities takes time. However, through great consistency, these qualities will come naturally.
The following will demonstrate what needs to be done in order to have a successful day in the kitchen:

All about October

My first Halloween was great! Me and Claire dressed up and went to the Graduate Student Association Halloween Wildcat Party. We had a good time meeting other students from school.


Hey everyone! So this week has been BEYOND stressful with work filing in from everywhere imaginable but I worked really hard and I was able to finish everything and have a little fun:) I was able to go pick a pumpkin from UIB’s event held on Gaebe Commons. I was also able to see the movie Sinister on Thursday also hosted through UIB which I had been dying to see and it was really good so I totally recommend it! The movie helped kick of my friends and I Halloweekend as well! I was also able to go out with my friends and dress up for Halloween and have a fun and safe trip. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween and don’t forget to do your work! I can’t believe its already November and we’re almost done with Fall tri! We got this Wildcats and don’t forget to have a little fun when life gets a little stressful.

Last Week at JWU Denver: Frightmare Week

And the story is in! Frightmare Week here at Johnson & Wales Denver was… AWESOME. Our incredible Campus Activities Board put together so many fun events for the week, all of them with a Harry Potter theme, and they did a great job!