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Freak Week 2014!


Baby, It's Cold Outside

With October’s impending end coming closer and closer and Thanksgiving just around the riverbend, lets play a game of What’s In My Fridge! *Que theme music*

New addition to the blogging team!

Hey guys! I’m Lexy! I’m just now joining the blogging team hailing from the North Miami campus! I’m a marketing major and am so excited to be on board! To begin I just wanted to share some of my favorite JWU North Miami adventures this far:

0.o Hallow's Eve o.0

Halloween is TOMORROW so here’s a little poem I wrote in the spirit of it;)

Freak Week 2014!

That favorite time of year for many is upon us - it’s almost Halloween!! UIB is celebrating with a few great events this week, like Bingo, pumpkin painting, and showing scary movies. Tonight was The Amazing Traveling Circus Sideshow, with some pretty crazy stuff!

This Week at JWU Denver: Just Call Me Rita Skeeter

This week leading up to Halloween is Frightmare Week here at Johnson & Wales Denver. The theme of Frightmare? POTTER PALOOZA.

How is it about to be Week 8?!

Hi everyone!!

Week-long Activities


Papers here, Papers there, Papers everywhere!!! I can’t breathe what do i do!!!!

Food Service & Hospitality Career Fair

Yesterday was the Food Service & Hospitality Career Fair. Even though the Career Fair was targeted towards Upperclassmen and Sophomores looking for an internship, the fair was a perfect opportunity to reach out to employees and get general information about what it is actually like to work in the field. I personally was very interested in the Culinary Nutrition session of the Fair which included organizations such as the Mina Group Restaurant - which wasn’t really nutrition but was very interested in social media and food writers talking about her restaurants, Wildtree - the representative, Research Chef Geisler, was actually a research chef graduate, Brinker International - Which the research chef creates products for large franchises such as Chili’s.


Hey everyone! My name is Autumn Hawkins, a lot of people call me Fall which is fine too! I am from Maplewood, New Jersey where I have lived a majority of my life but I also lived in Massachusetts when I was younger. I am a sophomore (19) and a Media and Communications student at Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. My goal is to one day become a news caster then anchor for a major network, preferably in New York. I LOVE writing and have been since I was little where I actually got a few poems published with the help of my mom :) I love writing almost about everything and anything even though its mostly fiction stories, poetry and journaling about my life. I also enjoy a bunch of other stuff like hanging out with family and friends, watching movies, eating sushi (which I had last night for dinner), listening to music, running, sewing, crocheting, knitting (anything crafty), taking pictures, makeup, shopping and a bunch more that I can’t think of right now lol

Nutrition & Sensory Analysis Day 8: Practical Exam

After two classes of absolutely no cooking. Nutrition & Sensory Analysis is the first class we finally get to cook in. I am so surprised it went by so fast.

Homecoming Wrap Up!

The first annual Johnson & Wales Homecoming was a busy and exciting weekend of firsts, food, family and lots of JWU Spirit! After cheering through the parade, rooting for our Volleyball team (who went undefeated in the weekends matches) playing corn hole at the campus cookout and testing my luck at casino night, my favorite part of homecoming weekend was having my Dad visit and being able to celebrate it all with him. We walked around Uptown Charlotte where the annual Q.City Barbecue Festival was taking place. We listened to some awesome Blues bands and ate award winning barbecue. We also went to a really nice dinner. La Tagliatta is an amazing upscale Italian restaurant in the Epi-Center. Now, I may not be a Culinary Arts major but I sure can appreciate good food! Going on Dad/Daughter dates has always been one of my favorite things and it was definitely my favorite part of the weekend!

The Spectacular Returns!

Last weekend on Columbus Day, I had such a great week spending time with my beloved sister who came to providence for visiting from Boston. It was also my birthday so we just went to check out the Columbus day festival on Federal Hill and stopped by to the Pastiche Fine Desserts my favorite dessert cafe at Spruce Street in Providence.

Fashion Show


Welcome to Charlotte


Food, Family, and Chocolate

This past Wednesday was my twin sister’s and my 21st birthday. Even though I’ve only been away from home for five weeks or so, we’ve been together for just about every birthday so there was no way I was going to miss our most important one. I flew home to Orlando on Friday afternoon.

Beauty and Tasty Pleasures

I Love Fall in Providence!!

BBQ at Colt State Park

Eating Out in Denver: The Kitchen

Several weeks ago, my roommate, suite mate and I were craving a taste of the Denver culinary scene. Where did we go? After much time debating, we decided on The Kitchen. We were attracted by the descriptions of their seasonable farm-to-table menu and straightforward preparation dishes. Spoiler alert: the food was incredible.

L'aventure D'un Pomme

It’s apple season!
As many babies born in autumn, I LOVE fall. The weather, the sweaters, the color of changing leaves, the apples. All of these factors make up an absolutely wonderful 3 months. This week, I decided to take a culinary risk and try my hand at a Tarte Tatin, which is basically an apple tart. But, of course, I had no intention if following a recipe or any sort of traditional methods. Armed with only the basic knowledge of fruit tarts, I set to work. Seeds from Gala, Honeycrisp, and Courtland apples covered my counter and kitchen floor as I wrestled with each core. When I finally progressed to cutting I had to remind myself that the sweet and tangy apples were for the tart, not a mid morning snack (have you ever noticed that apples automatically taste so much better when their meant for something else?). After sprinkling the ivory gems with a little cinnamon and apple cider vinegar to prevent oxidation, I turned my attention to the crust. I knew that a bad crust could sour any beautifully prepared tart but instead of playing it safe, I chose Risk (what’s a little fun in the kitchen, right?). It started off as any crust, a little AP/cake flour, some butter, salt, sugar. But instead of ending there I kicked it up a notch. Flecked throughout the layers of butter and flour were grains of steal cut oats soaked in coconut milk and a homemade orange marmalade, both for texture. As I mixed and loved the dough I could feel my hands pleading it to turn out ok, selfishly willing the flavors to mesh and bond.
Once the prep was finished, it was time to build. I layered slice upon slice of sweet, tart apple, mixing my varietals into a multidimensional collage of reds and yellows. The cinnamon wafted to my nose carrying the strongest sense of nostalgia with it. Once the apples where arranged and the dough covered the top, it was time to bake. The best part about baking to me is not necessarily eating your product. It’s watching the thing you worked so hard on evolve and mature right in front of your eyes. I feel baking is the process of becoming a parent every time something goes in the oven and comes out transformed.

Hello, October

October is an exciting month for JWU Charlotte. There is the annual Ramen Noodle Cook Off hosted by the Student Alumni Association (because what college student doesn’t live for Ramen Noodles?). The Charlotte Renaissance Festival in Uptown and the annual Parent’s Weekend has been changed and for the first time ever we are having Homecoming Weekend! As a member of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) of course I am excited for the Ramen Noodle Cook off. It is a competition where students are given ramen and a few ingredients and must present their best ramen dish to a panel of judges within the allotted time. My Dad will be visiting during the weekend of the Renaissance Festival and we are both excited to go. This is the same weekend as Homecoming! There will be parades, cook outs, sporting events and so much to do. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as these events come along. I am also going to take you guys on a field trip this week to one of my favorite parks with the best view of Charlotte!

Great time at the Color Run 5k!

Today October 5, 2014 I went to the event called “The Color Run 5k" at Providence. It’s my first time to participate in this event as Volunteer with other JWU students. We all got schedule to meet at Gaebe Common at 7:30 am before the event start then separated to several groups to do each task for volunteering.

4th WEEK AT JWU!!!

This was truly a month to remember!! I have moved into my first apartment with roommates to die for and adopted a cute kitten that is just too darn cute. I have worked harder than ever this term and its only the fourth week (I still can’t believe it). I have literally exhausted myself like my kitten Henry, but I will never stop because I love the challenge that JWU gives me. I believe that I have been given this strive to be greater and do better things.

The First Month

We are coming up on the close of the first month here at JWU Denver. WOW. Just wow! It has absolutely flown by. Classes have been so interesting and the people (students and teachers/chefs alike) have been absolutely incredible! Some of the coolest parts of September have been events on campus and with clubs.

Hello Junior Year!

I actually cannot believe I am already 4 weeks into my junior year at JWU Providence…it’s actually unbelievable. It has already been a busy few weeks and I have a lot to catch you all up on…sooooo I am going to update you all on some major points that have happened so far!