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eating cupcakes, beating cancer

I had an amazing week in school as week 3 is ALREADY coming to a close - so unreal! The most awesome thing I am doing in school right now is in my Apparel Quality Analysis class. We are paired up in groups and deconstructing a child’s garment…my seam ripper is my new best friend! Even though I just started, I am already realizing how much work, stitching and detail goes into one child’s garment. Thinking about womens wear is even crazier!



One of the many benefits about being in Italy is that everything is just that much better! We are currently living in Castellemmare di Stabia which is conveniently situated between two of the best cities in the region of Campania: Naples and Sorrento. Most recently, Tucker and I ventured to Sorrento in search of good food, shopping, and of course Italian site seeing. On Saturday, March 22, 2014, Tucker and I made our way down the treacherous hill leaving the Vesuvian Institute for our first trip to Sorrento.

Castellammare di Stabia

A quick history about Castellammare di Stabia: Castellammare di Stabia was an Ancient Roman town that was engulfed in lava and ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. The city was originally discovered in 1749 but was only completed excavated in 1950. During the excavation, archaeologists found the remains of two ancient civilizations.

Two already!

Week 2 of spring tri is almost coming to a close but we still have A LOT of things to look forward to - including some warm weather…when is that happening?!

Back From Break!

Hey everyone!

Spring Tri Has Begun!

After an amazing break with my family and friends I am so happy to be back in Providence for my last trimester as a sophomore. It is even more exciting because it is spring tri - my ultimate favorite trimester (when the weather is beautiful, everyone is in spring mode, and it just means one step closer to beach and sunnier sun!)

Back to work!

After a great vacation I am finally back at school and ready to start the final trimester of year. Lets Go!