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Internship #2 Week 7

Hello All,

Snow didn't stop us!

Despite another very large sheet of snow that decided to greet us the night before we were leaving for New York City, my fashion class and I managed to get on the road by 9:05 and get into the city perfectly on time for our first appointment with Goods & Services, a new showroom with 10 amazing designers showing their newest and beautiful collections! We met with the owner himself and it was just so inspirational hearing his journey of how he has gotten to where he is today as well as how much he LOVES what he does.

Internship #2 Week 6

Hello All!

Next Stop: New York City

Being a Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing student at Johnson & Wales is an amazing experience so far but it has really been an unbelievable experience since I started Retail Lab this Winter trimester. Not only am I doing incredible projects and having fun while I am learning TONS of new information about the industry, but along with lab, I am taking Retail Seminar. The most exciting part about this class is the field trips we take. Six weeks into the trimester, the Retail Seminar class goes to New York City to visit showrooms and explore the city and what’s even better is that the 6 week mark has come and my class and I are leaving for NYC on Wednesday…WOO!

Retail Seminar: Field Trip 3 - FGX Internatinal

Hey Wildcats!

While all of you are enjoying your long weekend, I am taking advantage of the extra time to send emails on emails on emails… and probably more emails! Welcome to the adult life, which consists of a plethora of emails! One thing I’ve learned on this internship is that jobs that required you to work some time at home take extreme dedication and focus, because time is money.

Internship #2 Week 5

Hello All!

Hey everyone!

How’s everyone doing? We’re almost two weeks into 2014 and I can’t believe it! What I’m most in denial about is that I’m graduating from Johnson & Wales this spring and even though it’s extremely depressing to face, I’m really excited to see what the future holds for me.

Internship #2 Week 4

Hello All!

Internship 2 Week 3

Hello All!

Hello 2014!

Well, winter break has come to a close and all the wildcats are back on campus getting ready for classes to resume tomorrow. I will be returning to my Contemporary Plated Desserts class where apparently tomorrow we will be learning about Asian desserts…interesting.