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JWU Providence Vs. JWU Denver

With the centennial this year, Johnson & Wales is bringing in a lot of exciting events and new traditions. This includes the JWU Cup, which pits the basketball teams of all four campuses against each other!
No matter what team you cheer for, you’re still cheering for Johnson & Wales!

Internship #2 Week 2

Hello All!

Next stop: Internship!




Winter Week and the New Ice Age of Denver

Hello Tumblr World!

Internship #2 Week 1

Hello All!
So I did post about my first internship last trimester, but since this is a brand new term, I guess I will start from the beginning and reintroduce myself this week.
My name is Jenifer White and I am from Jackson,NJ. I attended JWU Providence and am completing my last trimester of my college career interning for the American Cancer Society in NJ. I chose to complete my internship in NJ for a few different reasons:

1. I get to save a bunch of money on living expenses living back at home.