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Last Post of My Fall Internship

Hello All!

Internship Week 10

Hello All!

Better late than never

Sorry for the late blog, but it has been a very busy past couple of weeks so I will try not to drag on with blogs as I usually do. Most days have been events with a mixture of concerts, hockey games, and basketball games. The concerts were Drake and Macklemore, both were very interesting in many ways. The night Drake preformed was also the night the Red Sox won the World Series and I do not think I have experienced Boston that excited before. Back to internship, I have been helping a lot with administrative work and staffing most events, along with assisting the Operations Manager with the opening of a Kosher portable, preparing for the health inspections, comparing net sales for a bar in the arena, find locks for beer portables, and helping out wherever I am needed. The other surprising task they have given me was to call my intern replacement, schedule an interview, and hopefully meet up with them when they come in. I met with the first one who also happens to be from Johnson & Wales, and it was nice to tell someone how great the experience has been.

Internship Week 9

Hello All,