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Internship Week 8

Hello All,


This is from a Johnny Cupcakes tshirt I bought. If you have never heard of Johnny Cupcakes, no it is not a bakery, but is quite an interesting store with a good story. I personally love the logo and this quote.

Internship Week 7

Hello All!

Events at the Gahden (Working on my accent)

Good Evening my Tumblr friends!!

Fall Adventure 1: Pumpkin Patch Festival

What a ride

Hey tumblr users! Sorry this post has taken so long, life has been very crazy for a soon to be graduate.

Internship Week 6

Hello All!

R.E.S PECT Find out what it means to me

This week has been very busy, but so exciting - it was the first Celtics preseason game, followed by an Avenged Sevenfold concert, then a Bruins Game, Nine Inch Nails concert, and a Selena Gomez concert. As much as I want to write about these events I am going to save it for after Circus Week, which is next week. Instead, as exciting as it is, I am going to write about respect for management.

Internship Week 5

Hello All!

Johnson & Wales on Social Media

As a college student and a “Millennial” I am constantly tapped into social media and Johnson & Wales is doing a fantastic job of being present in our social media scope without being a nuisance or feeling invasive.

Take a chance, just go

Another one of my favorite songs by Boys Like Girls “Go”.

"Reasons Like Seasons They Constantly Change"

I could not think of a title for this post, and it really has nothing to do with what I am going to write about besides that Fall is upon us, and these are some lyrics from one of my favorite musical groups, Something Corporate.

Holy fall, Denver!

Greetings all,

The Past Month and a Half

That brings me to the internship.

Internship Week 4

Hello all!