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Internship Week 3

Hello again! So I ended last week on Saturday 9/21 by volunteering with the rest of my office to try to raise awareness about Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at the Seafood Fest in Point Pleasant, NJ. There were so many people there! We handed out brochures about the walk and raised almost $600 for the cause! It was great to raise more awareness about the event and meet some fantastic survivors who are excited to join us!

I've been thinking of trying to go to the RI campus for culinary school. I had a question on homework. What is homework in culinary school like exactly?

Thanks for your question! In labs you will have homework pertaining to the lesson in class. It may be a work sheet or the Chef may ask that you read a portion of the text book. You will also have a project for each lab class that is usually a paper going in depth about the information learned in the lab. Let us know if you have any other questions :)

Internship Weeks 1 & 2

Hello! This is my first post in this blog, well actually in any blog ever, so I am super excited to get started! Just a little background info about myself:

New Year New Campus

Hello again everyone, this year I am excited to announce that I will be blogging from the Providence, Rhode Island campus! That’s right, I transferred. I loved my two years at the North Miami campus and decided to make a move while I had the opportunity to try something new.