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What's up summer?!


One of my favorite Caps from graduation was my friend Jordan’s, she is also a fashion major and her cap was inspired by Chanel.


My Cap for Graudation:

As a fashion major I wanted to be creative when I was designing my cap. Since I work for Tory Burch and she is my favorite designer I decided to put her signature gold logo as my center piece and from that my theme was formed: gold & glamorous. I added swarovski crystals as a finishing touch and represented my class of 2013 with a classy fashion forward cap!

How Did I End Up Here?

As this is my first blog post about my travels I must explain a bit about who I am. I was born and raised in a small farming community in Upstate New York famous for horse racing and its apples. I am currently a senior studying International Business at the downtown Providence campus with concentrations in Sociology and Human Resource Management. I grew up working in restaurants and have a strong passion for cooking and for food in general.

Fresh oysters on the half shell in La Rochelle, France.


One last blog post for junior year! My mom came up last night and we spent the night at the JWU Radisson on my favorite Sleep Number beds. Those things are SO comfortable, I go to the lowest setting and just sink. We woke up and ate breakfast at the Liberations Cafe (run and served by JWU students) and got delicious pancakes and home fries beofre we headed back to my house to pack up and head back home to New Jersey.

Junior year was…an experience to say the least. I’m glad I got to experience off campus housing for at least 1 year of my college experience. Even though I am 21, I would still rather have lived on campus but it was still fun!

This was also my first year of strictly academics. I took macroeconomics, food in film and literature, modern US history, psychology, accounting I, spanish, marketing, hospitality law, accounting II, food service management/human resources, food writing and news writing. I must say, some classes I absolutely hated *cough cough spanish* but some classes I absolutely LOVED and would happily take again *like food in film, news writing, marketing, and food writing!

I personally went through A LOT this year.. I had an absolute blast this spring trimester; I loved going to class and got back into my academic swing of things, got back into my clubs and activities, and went out instead of sleeping the day away. Yes I went through a lot, but at the end of the year I learned a lot and overall still had a great year at JWU. I loved being a Disney Culinary Program Campus Rep, blogging on here for JWU, exploring more of JWU and what we have to offer.

And now, I’m officially a rising senior! 3 amazing years done in the blink of an eye!






Flash Back Friday!

Have you ever analyzed a garment and wondered how long it took to construct it? Or have you ever asked yourself is the garment you’re buying actually good quality? Well if you have the opportunity to take Apparel Quality Analysis you will get to find out for yourself by doing the deconstruction project! In this photo you can see the before and after pictures of the garment, girls capris. The pants were completely deconstructed until every last stitch was out! This project teaches you how much or how little work can go into construction and truly lets you analyze garments like you never have before.





Cookies! Peanut Butter, Molasses, and Chocolate chunk :) #JWU #bakingandpastry

Just another day in the Baking and Pastry labs of JWU.