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I cooked for the Vice President of the Walt Disney Company today. #socool

in cima al mondo

Ciao! I’m back again with more exciting stories for you all! I keep finding more reasons to fall in love with Italy and I can’t help but share them with you all. Just a few days ago, our beautiful excursion coordinator Audrey, took us to hike Mt. Vesuvius. In case some of you did not know, Mt. Vesuvius is the famous volcano that erupted in 79 A.D. burying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. What made the hike even more exhilarating is the fact that Vesuvius is STILL an active volcano. Needless to say, some of us were quite scared it could erupt at any given moment! Thankfully, we made it! :)

Untitled: Cantina Del Vesuvio


Fun London

At the Top

At the top!


Our excursion this week had to be one of my most anticipated ones. I have always wanted to visit a winery and even more so in Italy. The Cantina Winery was smaller than I expected but still a wonderful experience. I had high hopes of seeing the grapes on the vines but unfortunately they are not in season. The owner of the Cantina has been keeping the family business in running but changed a few things. Instead of mass producing the wine, he decided to keep is small enough that him and his employees can concentrate on the wine making process. He did not want to rush and mass produce bad quality wine. I thought that was very interesting that he focuses on the quality not quantity. Another interesting fact about the Cantina was that they do not use chemicals and relay on the weather. The volcanic rocks from the Vesuvius when it erupted, give the water and nutrients that the grapevines need. After taking a tour of the field, we sat and had a wine tasting with delicious plates of cheese, bread with olive oil, pepperoni and ended the meal with spaghetti. The spaghetti was the best I have had so far. All of the ingredients were fresh from local farms, which is why it was so delicious. After stuffing our faces at the Cantina, we headed to Pompeii to get a guided tour of the ruins. While walking around, I could complete the missing pieces of the rooms or buildings in my imagination. The site was definitely worth it and interesting.

Sorrento, Italy

Swedish Fashion: Old and New

Today we set out to the Haga, old town, for a traditional Easter street fair. (Traditional street fair sounds so weird!) Down the main strip of the Haga were booths, food, musicians, and even traditional Swedish outfits!

Get ready!

Alright fellow humans, the first few posts were just to get my feet wet. I’ve always been the type of person who prepared for great things.

Cantina Del Vesuvio

World Culture Museum: Gothenburg

Today, we spent the afternoon at the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg.

It started with a tour from Johan, a very soft spoken man filled with information. Our first stop was the “Today In The World” exhibit which featured pictures taken on May 15th 2012 and submitted from all around the world.

Passion, People, Pasta!

Passion, People, Pasta!

Denver, Denver! (In the tune of New York, New York)

My honest opinion is that this city is truly breathtaking. Coming from a person who completely uprooted herself and moved out of her home state, that statement probably has a little more weight to it. Denver has welcomed me with open arms, but more directly JWU Denver has welcomed me with open arms.

First Week

First week of work done at Le Cellier. I am learning a lot and finally getting settled into my new home. But, now I have two needed days off after my long week cannot wait to go to the parks and hopefully share new pictures. #JWUdisney

Fun Trip

First Group Trip In Italy

First Group Trip


Untitled: First Group Trip


That's Amore!

Ciao! My name is Tuyen and I am currently a junior studying abroad in Castellammare Di Stabia as part of IHTM! Today we went on our very first excursion to La Fabbrica Della Pasta (The Pasta Factory) in Gragnano. We had to wear coats and a hairnet as a safety policy since we were entering the production and packaging facility. Pamela, the factory worker, gave us a tour in Italian and meanwhile, Audrey (our excursion coordinator) translated it in English. During the factory tour, we learned the process of making pasta, drying and packaging it. The factory prides itself on producing pasta by imitating the old-fashion way, instead of industrial methods. They dry the pasta for 48 hours and is slowly dried at low temperatures until there’s only approximately 11% of water left so that it retains its flavor and form. After the drying process, the pasta is then packaged. There are 3 packaging machines: one for long pasta such as spaghetti and linguini, another for more common types of pasta, and lastly, for delicate pasta such as lasagna and shells. La Fabbrica Della Pasta is the first factory to produce gluten free pasta, using rice, corn and water. The factory has 121 different shapes of pasta with different names and produces approximately 20 tons of pasta per day! After the tour, we hand the opportunity to purchase the factory produced pasta! I purchased the “Lovers of Capri” named after its twisted form.

la vita e bella: pilot


The Journey Begins

The journey began on Thursday morning out of JFK airport on American Airlines. Our group of three connected in London, took a night tour and then landed in Naples, Italy on Friday morning. Feelings finally started to settle in when the unpacking began. Now things have started here in Castellammare di Stabia. We are all moved in and getting to know everything around us. After moving in and eating the great food the Vesuvian Institute has to offer, we explored the center of the city. In town we went to a local coffee shop and tasted an Italian Espresso. Later that night we experienced fireworks from our terrace, which were coming from the center of town.

Swedish Dinner Disaster

6 American girls, 3 trips to the grocery store, and a completely foreign kitchen. Yeah, that’ll definitely go well…right?

About that. After bonding with some of the girls, we decided to come back to the Annex (the apartment myself and 9 others girls share) and cook ourselves a full meal.


At freshmen orientation one thing the orientation leaders talk to the freshmen about is diversity. As a student coming from a diverse high school I didn’t think much about going to school with people with different races, backgrounds, country of origin, or who speak different languages than I do. One thing was for sure though and that was I didn’t think the type of people I would be friends with would change much while in college. I thought my college friends would be a lot like my friends from home: people who look, speak, and think the way I do.

Springing into Spring & the new tri

The first post!

Welcome to Goteborg, Sweden!

Hej Hej!

It all started with a cupcake


The Journey Begins

First off- hello! I’m Nicki and I’m a student at Johnson & Wales University. I am attending the Freshman Sweden Study Abroad trip and will be in Goteburg, Sweden for 70 days. This blog will be a glimpse into some of the crazy things we get up to including my school experiences, traveling through Sweden, and venturing out into other parts of Scandinavia/Europe!

Study Abroad!

I got into the summer 2013 study abroad program! Let the count down begin! South Africa here I come! I will be sure to post plenty of pictures!