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The night before our flights, Tuyen came down from Rhode Island to fly out with Miguel. My sister was hosting our last dinner in America. Good food and good friends.

Tip: Enjoy as much time as you can with the people you care about before you go!

Antonio Barbieri

si ritrova in italia: My background.

(Photo credit to Laura A., Panamá, Central America - Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management FAM Trip Feb. 2012)

Inside Look

Want to know what our students think about our Graphic Design & Digital Media program? Then take a look at our digital brochure highlighting some of the amazing projects they’ve created!


I’m very excited about this and I’m sure all my fellow students are as well. It’s almost time for spring break!


I got wonderful news on Thursday! I will be doing my spring internship at The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African- American Arts and Culture. I went on a walk uptown the other day and took a few pictures of my soon to be internship site. :)


Happy Valentines Day from JWU Charlotte!

Back to America

Our van was finally downstairs waiting for everyone to bring their suitcases downstairs. I felt bittersweet about leaving. I had gain a whole new viewpoint on life. Barcelona is only one of many different places in the world, and learning to embrace those differences was the greatest adventure.

Our Last Day

You could have called it a free day or last day, but I had a mission to do all the things I still hadn’t done in Barcelona. I couldn’t believe time had passed so fast, but this last day was going to consist of a lot of things in a short period of time. I was ready to venture off on my own, but I was thankful when one of my classmates, Derek, decided to join me on my little adventure. We started the day out right by going to church. It was Ash Wednesday, which is a holy day for Catholics. The church was different than the church I go to back at home, but it was still nice to be welcomed by the church parish. Afterwards we had lunch at La Creperia, where I had one of the greatest crepes.

Last Travels

The Spanish Village turned out to be a different place than expected. It was a small village where you could feel like you were in each region in Spain. As I walked through the village I felt like I traveled all of Spain in just an hour. It was also a great place for food and souvenir shopping. I enjoyed going into different shops and seeing them make things by hand. For example, we saw a place called Forn de Vidrf where they were blowing glass to form bulls. Derek even bought one for the memory.

Trip to Montserrat

We had to meet a Julia Travel early in the morning to get our tickets for our tour to Montserrat. I read about the Montserrat Mountains and all of its beautiful view. When our tour guide came out, it was no other than Marcos, our first tour guide in Barcelona, for the Tapas Tour. It was great seeing a familiar face. He was a great tour guide giving us details about Barcelona and about the Mountains.


Here is a picture of myself and four other members of the Black Student Union Executive board with Lauren Zuniga. Lauren was our guest poet and speaker for our “Sex In The Dark” event which was part of the JWU Charlotte Love Fest. Sex In The Dark is an annual event where we discuss sex, health, and relationships.




The day started off relaxed. We made our way to Turismo St. Ignasi School where we learned about the Term Abroad and Master’s program they offered. It was informative and everyone there seemed nice. We had lunch at the school but we weren’t there for long. We had to meet our group members at the train station on time so we could catch our train to Frexienet. Since we were on a tight schedule we had to hurry to the train station. The weather was crisp and cold and trying to run in it was causing me to feel sick.


I had a lot of fun with my friends at The Last Word in Charlotte today! I love reading and especially used book stores, one of my favorite things about the weekends is being able to explore places like this!


Figueres was a long drive away from Barcelona. We ended up having a guided tour through Salvador Dali’s museum, Teatre Museo Dali. Dali was a surrealist artist who used his wife as his muse. I liked how multi-talented he was. One of my favorite pieces would have to be the image of Abraham Lincoln. From far it was Abraham Lincoln’s face and up close you could see the image of Dali’s wife’s naked body. The tour was a few hours long and we made our way back to the city.


Campus got hit hard by Nemo. For the first time in my three years at JWU everything on campus, with the exception of residence halls and a few dining halls, is closed and the JWU busses even stopped running!


Today we went to La Sagrada Familia, which is a very popular church in Spain. Part of the church was built by Antoni Gaudi. The church was detailed from inside out. We had a different type of tour that I wasn’t expecting. We had head sets and as we walked though each part of the church we were given insight to each detail in the church. On one side of the church they had the birth of Jesus with the Three Kings, and Virgin Mary. On another side they had the crucifixion of Jesus. Inside you were able to see the stain glass which lit up the whole church.

Finally Arrived

The sun began to slowly creep into the windows. My stomach began to growl. All of a sudden my inner hungry was awakened by the smell of fresh croissants. Sure enough, as I looked down the aisle of the plane, I saw the nice flight attendant from the night before walking with trays of breakfast. When she finally got to me I couldn’t control my happiness at the sight of food. I must say, that was the best breakfast I had in a while. I had a warm croissant with yam and some orange juice.


Our apartment Easy Sleep Gaudi, was located in the perfect place. It was near a metro stop and they had everything around it. They also had several markets around the area. One of the markets we went to was called Mercat de la Concepcio. This market had fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, and meats. Around the corner of the house there were several banks, but I trusted one bank called Santander. The first time at the ATM I had to use my handy dandy converter on my phone. I had to make sure I was taking out the right amount of Euros for each USD. All of these small experiences are meaningful because it was so different from being in the USA. At first using the Euro was confusing, but I got the hang of it.

Viaje a Barcelona

The stretch black limousine started approaching the Wildcat Center at my University. The windows were tinted so no one could see inside. My heart began to skip a beat because I knew in just a few hours I would be on a plane to Barcelona.


First stop Chicago, next stop Hawaii!

The End of Term is Here Again

Whenever the end of the term nears, I’m always so surprised at how quickly time has gone by. It seems as if we just got back from winter break, yet here we are already getting ready for the last lab of the trimester to start tomorrow and many students are getting ready for finals. My fifth and final lab for this tri is Sensory Analysis in Contemporary Desserts and then it’s hard to believe, but back to academic classes after spring break.

Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Hello! My name is Kaitlin Hazel and I am one of the lucky 32 Travel and Tourism students that get to travel to the island of Oahu in Hawaii this week for the opportunity to explore and learn all there is about Hawaii! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the classroom eagerly awaiting for Professor Tremblay to reveal our destination. This trimester flew by and now the day has finally arrived! With just a few more hours until the journey begins I am packing last minute items (even though my suitcase is already overflowing). Traveling to Hawaii all the way from Providence is a long trip but how could I complain when in just a few hours I will be on the beautiful island of Oahu?


On Friday night, I went out to dinner with some friends in uptown Charlotte to celebrate the end of a long week. One of my friends works in a high-rise in uptown, so after dinner we went up to the roof of the building to enjoy the view of the city. Spring break is coming up and it’s a little bittersweet - I can’t wait to see my family, but I always miss JWU and the Queen City when I’m away!




Great shot from one of our students!


This is the view from behind my dorm. Gotta love Providence.