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Year in Review

I’ve never been one to look back at the year I’ve had when the new year comes around, but rather I’ve always looked ahead to what is coming. But there was something different about 2012 where I can’t help but think, “how can 2013, or any year really, top the year I’ve just had?” So I’ve decided to do a year in review to recap my amazing experiences.

JWU Safety and Security

I think today is a fitting day to post about Safety and Security at JWU. When I was looking into colleges we had already gone through the shooting at Virginia Tech so needless to say this was a concern for my parents and it will probably be a concern for yours as well. You never know where these kind of things can happen so it’s important for the school you pick to be prepared and I think JWU is. These are some of the ways JWU makes sure the students and faculty are safe at all times:


Most college students are, or are close to, broke. Most of us try to get jobs in our respected majors, such as my job with Aaron’s Catering. How many of you work in your field already and how does it balance with your school schedule? I worked the entire weekend, 37 hours and now I’m catching up with school work, and it’s a tough balance but something you have to find. I can’t stress how important your education is, so make sure to make it a priority.