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Winter tri!

It starts tomorrow whether you’re ready for it or not. Break was nice, but it’s time to get back to school. I’ll be doing my Sophomore labs, starting with Garde Manger with Chef Ruch. I’m looking forward to this, if anyone has any questions about the class let me know I’ll be more than happy to answer.

Turkey Day

I want to wish everyone a safe break and a Happy Thanksgiving take the time to spend with family and friends and recuperate to come back to the next tri and start STRONG !!!

Are you part of the club?

You’re probably wondering what this trip I’m going on even is. If you have decided that the you love the Travel & Tourism industry so much that you’d like to pursue a degree in it at JWU, you’ll have to complete an internship. Most people see that word and cringe but to be honest, it’s really awesome. This internship is designed to get you first-hand experience in this industry. There is nothing (in my opinion) that sells you to an employer more than experience.


Thanksgiving Is Around The Corner And Finals Are Here … Lets Study Hard, Focus and Prevail !! Good Luck To All !!!