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The First basketball game of the season was last night! Unfortunately we lost, but it was still a great game! Go Wildcats!!


Is anyone else at JWU in the Halloween spirit?! I present Chef Batman. Richie


One thing you definitely need to pack with you if you come to jwu: Rain boots and an Umbrella!


As you guys all know JWU students do an internship. They are incredibly important because they give you a look into the real world and into the field you have chosen. I completed my Disney culinary internship interview Wednesday and on Friday I got the e-mail saying I was accepted to it. This is a dream come true for me, and if any of you have any questions about the interview process or help with it I am more than happy to help.


Indoor Camping Trip

As a Resident Assistant I hold events every month for residents of the dorms on campus to relax and have fun with their peers. This month I held an indoor camping trip complete with s’mores and a giant blanket fort! It was a big hit and I had a lot of fun hanging out with my residents.

Fall in New England

Fall is a very nicetime to be in New England, the weather is just right and the changing of the leaves is pretty stunning. The cold weather however makes me long to go back to Florida with shorts and flip flops.

Recipe Contest

Here at the Charlotte campus the students had a chance to compete in a recipe contest sponsored by Tropical Foods (http://www.tropicalfoods.com/about/). Contestants were given five or six nut mix samples and had to make a recipe that tied in with the flavors of fall. I put my newly learned skills of apple dicing and caramel making to use and entered an autumn apple sauté with caramel and nuts recipe.


Dinner at the mix




I definitely have to second the post on networking, you never know when you’re going to need a connection. Go above and beyond in your classes so you ‘stand out.’ I have chefs from freshman year that still remember me and I can go to for letters of recommendation. And a lot of the clubs here have advisers that could really give you a helping hand.

Respect the Tech!!

As y’all could see that Johnson & Wales University is highly known and respected for the culinary program. The School of Technology often gets looked over, but I would like everyone to know the program is at a constant growing rate with numbers increasing tremendously. Many tech clubs are newly developed and also the things we have planned for this school year are astonishing. Even if you’re not a tech student, look into our clubs - it could benefit all programs at this school!

Important for getting through JWU: Networking.

I can’t stress how important networking is at this point in school. You’re in classes with students of your same major. Everyone’s going into the same field as you, and you never know when they can help you out. Get to know as many people as possible and keep in touch with them. I’m working at a gourmet catering company that specializes in molecular gastronomy and it is one of the best catering companies in Florida 0 Aaron’s Catering. I got the job because I met someone in a class that worked there and they needed help so he called me up and 7 months later I’m still happily working there. You never know when these opportunities are around the corner, it’s up to you to grab them!

Sophomore Internships

Those of you who don’t got to JWU might be wondering why there are all these companies visiting our school all the time. They want to work with YOU!

One of the Disney Information Sessions: Today!

Don’t forget to come to the JHW building room 307 today at 4 to hear from Disney College/Culinary Program alumni to learn about how you can take part in this wonderful program! Even if you’ve only just thought about it come see what it’s all about! A bunch of us alumni will be there to tell you all the details and answer any questions!