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Providence, Here I Come!

Going back to school when you’re a college student is so much better than going back to school when you’re in high school. Even though I hate packing (and avoid doing it at any cost) and my 4 hour drive can sometimes turn into 6, I look forward to getting back to Providence each year to see my friends who I have not gotten to spend time with since the previous year. This year, returning is even more exciting because it has been 6 months since I’ve seen almost all of my friends.

What to know about your new Wildcat Email!

The email system for new and returning students has transitioned to a much larger system! Here are some of the benefits:

Moving in with Hurricane Isaac

Hello everyone!


Happy Friday!

It’s almost time for students to move back onto campus and we’re so excited to see many new faces :)

Be sure to check out the Wildcat Welcome websites for your campus so you have all the information needed for move in, and to get a glimpse of all the fun activities we have planned for you!

North Miami

Trip to the Aran Islands


Made Swans for a dinner yesterday! I thought they turned out nice.

After taking “Classic Pastry” with Chef Kleber, I fell in love with French pastries.

Since then, I’ve gotten a job at the well-known French Bakery at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA as well as had the chance to do an internship with them.


Finally Updated!

Although I’ve been done traveling and have been home for about a month, I finally finished updating my blog with everything from France. If you’d like to go check it out, here’s the link. And if you have any questions about the ENSP study abroad program please don’t hesitate to ask (seriously, I’m obsessed with talking about it!).

Disney Culinary Program: Apply Today!

Hey Everyone!