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Seoul Tower

A group of students and I decided to take a trip to the Seoul tower. We were told how beautiful it was at night, and decided to go there for dinner. When we arrived at Seoul Tower, we were shocked by the view of Seoul. We thought that being on the fourteenth floor and having the view we have from our dorms was amazing, we were wrong. The view from the tower was absolutely incredible. We were fortunate enough to eat at the N Grill restaurant on the fifth floor of the tower. It was a very elegant restaurant, with large windows. The tables were all placed in front of the windows. The restaurant moved slowly around in a circle, allowing you to see the entire city of Seoul. It was a six course meal, and the food was delicious. I can honestly say that was one of the best experiences I have had in Seoul so far.

Happy First Day of Summer!

What are you most excited about this summer?

Jeonju Folk Village

My First Time Out of the Country!

My name is Emily Ciliberto, I’m a Junior studying International Business with concentrations in Marketing Communications and Human Resource Management. I’ll be spending the next three months at one of the world’s leading hotels, Adare Manor, in Ireland. Here I will be interning in the sales, marketing and events office.

South Korea 2012 - Weekend # 1 in Seoul

Well, studying about the culture is one thing and living it is another… Myself, together with a couple of friends and group members, literally lived the South Korean culture last night, and it was nothing but AMAZING!!!

First Day!

Had a great first day. I learned some very useful Korea phrases and met some of the students from Sejong University! They are the nicest people and we are all going to hang out from now on! My birthday is in 13 days and they want to celebrate! I am not going out to explore the city, I will be back with more news. P.S. the food is….AWESOME!! =)

Day One

I have arrived in South Korea and had a nice welcoming to some amazing pizza! Day one starts tomorrow and I am extremely excited! I met some awesome new people and I look forward to the trip! It is now time for me to go to bed to prepare for the class and day tomorrow for it is now 11:30 pm here in South Korea. I will keep you updated with more information on my adventures. Stay tuned! =)

Pre-Departure Post!

Hello everyone, I’m Shaina Vandemoortele, a junior at the Providence Campus! My major is International Business with a minor in Environmental Sustainability and concentrations in Human Resource Management and Psychology! I chose to participate in the South Korea study abroad because not only did I think it would be a life changing experience but what better place to study Human Resource Management than in a country that masters the art?!

South Korea

I have arrived in South Korea and am currently in the Airport anticipating my arrival to Sejong University! The airport is beautiful and I am more than excited to begin the trip!! I will keep everyone posted on the events that go on throughout the trip! See you later!

My first flight out of the country

Hello, I have just experienced my first flight to California, and out of the country. The flight to California was like any other flight I had been on, just a few hours longer which seemed like forever. My flight out of the country was a totally different experience. Thinking about this 12 hour flight to South Korea was nerve wrecking, could I really be on an airplane for that long? While boarding the flight, I caught myself looking around the airplane in shock. The first class section of course looked extremely comfortable. Then when you get to the economy section it was just like any other plane I had been on, but worse it seemed a lot more cramped. How can they put people on a flight now a days with no wifi, I just couldn’t understand that. Not to mention the TVs were in the most awkward spots, making it hard to watch. After the the safety announcement and the departure announcement, I noticed the attendant walking around handing out forms of paper. The forms were to give to customs after we had reached Korea and exited the plane. Never had I been on an airplane before and had to fill out personal information to hand to customs. As far as the food, I have never had an airplane meal prior to this experience. I skipped the first meal they served, because I had bought something to eat in the airport and of course that looked a lot better then what they were serving. The last meal they served I gave in and tried it. My first airplane meal ever and it was noodle stir fry with raspberry shortbread cookies on the side; I found that quite interesting. Honestly, what’s better than a microwaveable meal, NOT! Also, I noticed how every time they gave directions, or made an announcement, they always said it in English first then Korean, which I found interesting. I guess that concludes my flight experience, ow its time for me to enjoy an exciting opportunity of exploring Seoul. Sincerely, Allie

So Is It Worth It?

Now that I’m halfway done with college I’ve been asked a lot: is JWU worth it? and more recently I’ve been asked is the Disney Culinary/College Program worth it? At the end of the day I only have one answer for both of them and that answer is: yes.


Hey Everyone,

Early start to the day

Today we did not have anything planned because we wanted to just relax and see what happened during the day. We still woke up at like 7:30 or at least I did - Jubi got up at 5:30ish. We started to get ready for the day and walked over to the tennis courts with the children and the maid of the house. Yes Jubi and I have a maid and it is going to take some time to get used to. She picks up our room when we leave and cleans the bathroom after we use it for the day and she even did our laundry today, which we did not expect at all!

After the tennis courts we hung out with the kids at the park/pool and one of the sons David was pushed in the pool. He is the middle child and is ten. Steven is the oldest and is thirteen and then there is Juni who is 3 1/2. She is the cutest thing in the entire world and is smiling for the most part. :) The Sir took us to another food market and boy there are so many shopping centers with four floors at least and they all are underground. We then went to the Hawker Center again for lunch and I had wanton noodles which was pretty good as well, but I think tonight I will eat PBJ haha.

When we got back from the center the family had gone to church, so we decided to head to the city and see what was all around there. We went to Raffles Place which is the financial district and has a few museums and the Merlion which is the main symbol for Singapore because it symbolizes the country as a sea port and fishing and a lion because when the country was first settled a lion was the first thing spotted. I finally started to realize all the people awkardly starring at us. We started to go toward the museums but our jetlag was starting to kick in so we decided to head home, but took a detour towards the shopping center in Ang Mo Kio. This is the shopping center we went to earlier in the day but we wanted to see what else was inside this four story mall. There were so many shopping stores as well as food courts.

Finally we headed home and started to crash soon. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow - two full days of orientation starting at 8:30. Fun facts for the day: Not everyone that is white is from America; walking around the mall with afros looking like LMFAO and loud music is not the norm; you may jay walk, but a car will hit you if you are in its way (I did not get hit, Chef told us this yesterday); couples love to wear matching clothes or same design but different colors like blue and pink. I will keep a book of facts for everyday.


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My Top 5 Things I've Learned About Traveling

  1. The less you bring with you the better. Believe me, you’ll always be able to make it work with what you have, you really don’t need that extra pair of shoes or those extra shirts you might wear.
  2. Don’t sweat the little things. So what if you get on the wrong train or your flight is late? You’ll get off at the next stop and get on the correct train. Plus, you’ll get there eventually - who cares if it’s a little late?
  3. Have plenty to read. My Kindle is one of the best investments I think I’ve ever made, just make sure it’s always charged!
  4. On that note, make sure ALL of your electronics are charged. Not having music to listen to on the plane or train may be bad, but having your camera die in the very beginning of the day is way worse.
  5. Keep momentos in the form of pictures and journals. One of my biggest regrets is not keeping a journal while I’m traveling, but luckily I’ve taken A LOT of photos!