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An Ode to Finishing my Second Year at JWU

As Bianca Giron finishes her second year at JWU, she reminisces on the good, the bad and the hysterical.Her sophomore year was poetically jammed with Skittles, studying and funny catastrophes.

What was my second year of university like?

Driving 70 mph an hour down a turnpike.


Surviving off bags of Skittles for dinner,

And adding up hours where I spent standing at the printer.


Facebook messages back and forth with old and new friends,

Going through boxes and boxes of pencils and pens.


Studying for tests on tests on tests,

Dreaming of classes ending so I could get home and rest.


Friendship and relationship breakups,

But also friendship and relationship makeups.


Cheering myself on after receiving satisfactory report card scores,

Spending a lot of time doing homework indoors.


Squeezing in plans with already busy days,

Sitting in accounting class with a confused daze.


A new hair color and a new haircut,

Freshman fifteen? What about sophomore gut?


What was my second year of university like?

Acting like an adult in the classroom, and outside of it childlike.


Tripping down the stairs in high heels that hurt my feet,

Attempting to cross busy streets.


Spilling coffee all over my professional dress,

Trying my best to be open and to always say “yes.”


Running into inanimate objects and apologizing,

Thinking about how I should probably be at the gym exercising.


My nineteenth birthday when everyone around me was turning twenty-one,

Wondering where the heck was the sun.


Making witty puns and stupid jokes,

Walking behind slow walkers and wanting to yell “Move folks!”


Trying to get “Don't cha wish your girlfriend…” out of my head,

Setting an alarm extra early to give myself time to prepare to get out of bed.


Being late anyway because that's just who I am,

Having multiple tests in the same day and having to cram, cram, cram.


Making really long lists that I don’t know how to finish,


Bianca Giron shines her effervescence at Build Your Own Burrito. Image credit: Bianca Giron

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