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Accessible, Fun, Useful: How JWU Students Rate the New Pedestrian Bridge

10,000 Miles Away: Mohammad Ali Makes JWU His 2nd Home

An Insider's Tour of ESPN

Behind the Scenes: JWU’s Winning ADTEAM

Media Students Capture Life at JWU Through Their Eyes

Coffee Expert Kayla Gagne '12 Talks Trends, Flavors and Brews With Students

My Life as a Student–Athlete: Inside Women’s Volleyball at JWU

Making the Move: From Sunny Bahamas to Snowy Providence

Dining Hall Encounter Leads to Love, Family and a JWU Legacy

Learning by Doing — SEEM Students Hold 5th Annual Conference

10 Countries in 10 Days: A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

On the Farm: My Internship at Hopkins Southdowns

Destination: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

Not Your Average Student: Why Early Action Worked for Avery Tupper

JWU Career Expos: Why to Go and How to Prepare

A Life-Changing Event

Experience Gained: Mandarin Oriental Boston Redesign

Advertising Alum Talks Shop with Students

Adventures in Portugal: Hospitality Students Loving Lisbon

JWU MBA Students Tour Upserve Software Developer

JWU ADTEAM Visits Hill Holliday and CEO Karen Kaplan

Africa or Bust! My Fall FAM Tour Experience        

How My Dog Taught Me to Balance My Student-Work-Family Life

Ready to Run the Family Bakery: Boulangerie St.  Antoine

Living the Life: Reflections of a JWU Field Hockey Team Member

Why I Made the Leap from Baking & Pastry to Food Service Management

ADTEAM Begins Work for New Client: Ocean Spray

Gaining Confidence (and Pasta Skills)

My Early Enrollment Journey to JWU

ADTEAM’s Amazing Win

A JWU Mother's Pride

Building Community as a JWU Parent

A Special Thank You: Taylor Shultz Looks Back

Ally Conquers France: JWU Study Abroad

Jennifer’s Weekend in Hamburg: JWU Study Abroad

School of Hospitality's Student Leadership Awards

New Parent Blog: JWU-who knew?

JWU Denver Student Named Traffic Safety Scholar

Greetings from Berlin!

Kellie Graf's trip to the NCAA Division III Conference

Watching your Student Grow & Change

International Hotel Operations Class: Study Abroad in Cuba

A Tasty Swedish Study Abroad Story

A New JWU Writer in Session

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington Visits JWU

Certainly Uncertain? Don’t Lose Hope.

Hannah’s Trek to JWU

Marriott Leadership Conference Teaches Insight & Confidence

JWU Fashion Student Visits Retail's Big Show

Be Fierce & Conquer

A Freshman Finds Discipline on the Wrestling Team

Interested in a Career in Hospitality?

JWU Political Science Student Wastes No Time

Getting To Know Ponzio

A JWU Student’s Efforts to Save the World

JWU Nostalgia: Tales From a Burnt-out Senior

The Countdown to Thanksgiving


Stories from a JWU Transfer Student

'No': Diminutive Word, Colossal Power

What Mask Are You Wearing?

Career Advice From a JWU Senior

College Leadership Rhode Island Session 2

10 Resources for the College Student

JWU Denver Student Educates Teens on Driver Safety

JWU & College Leadership Rhode Island

5 Ways to Cope with Homesickness

How important is love and happiness to you?

The Last First Day at JWU

Jacob Smith is Much More than a College Intern

JWU Move-in Mayhem

Scottish Study Abroad Journey Soars with History

Alexandra Finds Inspiration & Confidence in Italy

Haggis and Whisky and Cod, Oh My!

My Journey Through Italy

Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad (Part III)

Studying Abroad: When Something Goes Wrong…

Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad (Part II)

Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad (Part 1)

A Weekend at the Scottish Highlands

The Fear of Missing Out

You’re Studying Abroad! Are You Excited?

Tartan Love

Thoughts Before Studying Abroad

Adventure Is Out There!

Time is of the Essence: Part II

Time is of the Essence: Part I

Encountering New Voices at the Irish Literature Festival

JWU's Indian Student Association Celebrates Holi

An Ode to Finishing my Second Year at JWU

Patience is a Virtue: A Day Trip to the Aran Island of Inis Mór

A Final Project Abroad

JWU Culinary: It’s So Worth It

Cheers from London to JWU

Leadership Defined: The Ray Nuñez Story

'The Night Before Midterms' An Ode to Studying

Irish Seaweed Is Not Just For Eating

Finish this JWU Academic Year with a Bang

JWU's Alternative Spring Break

JWU Superheroes: Experiential Education & Career Services

Land of the Lotus Eaters: An Irish Literary Journey

Gateway to the Future: My NSMH Journey

Start Spring Tri the Right Way

Being a Vegetarian at JWU

Edinburgh, Scotland: Land of the Unicorns

The Doorway to Ireland

Dublin, Ireland: An Unparalleled Experience

Term Break: Time to Reconnect with Family & Pets

Irish Adventure Leads to the Burren and Cliffs of Moher

A Letter to Moms of College Students

Galway Girl: Delighting in Ireland’s Rich History & Dramatic Weather

Freshman Year: A Tizzy of Exhilaration & Uncertainty

The Emerald Isle: A Weekend in Cork & a Blarney Stone Kiss

From Cold to (Surprisingly) Warm: My travel to JWU Denver

JWU Providence Student Bianca Expresses Herself Poetically

Rose-Tinted Glasses: Samantha Riley Savors Studying Abroad In Ireland

JWU's First Year Experience Program: I Found My Distant Brother

J’adore France: My Adventures in Auvergne

Summer Camp in Winter

Learning, Living + Ballroom Dancing in Khayelitsha Township

One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature

Waka Waka, This Time for Africa!

Facing My Fears: Diving with Sharks

Great Ocean Road

Welcome to Cape Town!

Finally to Barcelona!

Bye Bye Singapore, Hello Thailand

Here At Last!

Goodbye Singapore, Hello Malaysia!

From Summer to Winter

The Wonders of Singapore

Stoked to Explore Australia

Spain has it all!

14 Days Until I'm Down Unda'

Our Trip to South Korea

Traveling to South Africa

My First Adventures in Singapore

About Hope Mckendry

Pan Asian Study Abroad Tour 2k15 with Keyata

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Getting to know Adonis...

J Crew On Film: "Color Crazy"


TV Views From the 2200

RISD Art Museum

Next Week at JWU Denver: Monsanto Talks

Preview Day/The Grange

Healthy Eating in America

Click those heels

We've been Blessed!

It's finally here!




Denver - Finals

J.Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Impending Doom

Its that time again JWU


Peace, Love, Bread Valentine Event

It Won't Stop Snowing D:

Real Talk: Roommate Troubles

Entremets, petits gateaux, & lots and lots of pretzels!


A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance

Obsession ALERT!

Birthdays, Sushi, and Bowling

Wait, what do you mean it's February?!

Last Week at JWU Denver

Hair Hair Hair

Three feet of WHAT!?

Things to Do: Boulder

QPR (Question, Persuade, Response)

Hair Hair Hair


I wanna stuff some chocolate in my faaaaace!

25 Three-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ohhhhh we're halfway there

Into the Woods Review


Winter Week at JWU Denver

What it Takes to Become a Culinary Professional

There's no feeling quite as nice as the end of practical day!

Hey Everyone!

Media and Communication Major

Still sunny & 75 in at JWU North Miami!

Happy New Year Charlie Brown!

Winter Week!

Keeping a Piece of Home

2 0 1 5



New Year New Adventures

It's beginning to look a lot like Chr - oh, wait.

Happy Holidays!

And a Happy New Year

Christmas in Bed:(

A season of giving, and giving back

Back Home to Jersey

And... Break!

Where does all your money go?

The Benefits of Professional Dress

Live Laugh Love

Birthdays, Album releases, and Sickness

Exploring Denver: The Mercury Cafe

Fried Tomatoes: New Word Cuisine

Comment allez-vous?

Herb Roasted Chicken: New World Cuisine

My favorite Public Library

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

First Week of Winter Tri and Holiday Shopping: COMPLETE

Short and Sweet

Winter Tri Already?!


Thank you JERSEY

Nothing like family and good food!

Thanksgiving Break

Great time in November

My First Term at Johnson & Wales University

Bye Prov, Back to Jersey :)

Last Week at JWU: Late Night Breakfast

From 30 degrees to 75 and sunny!

Last Week at JWU: Late Night Breakfast

Holiday in Boston!

The Final Count Down (Pt. 1)

Sunny & 75 in MIA with a week till Thanksgiving!

Snowboots and Freakouts!

The Mushroom Council with the RCA

We all scream for ice cream!

Last Week at JWU Denver: Rose Levy Beranbaum

When It's Cold You...

Let's have a movie night!


It's the final countdown...

Grand Grand Openings!

Fundamentals of Food Service Production Practical


JWU North Miami Town Hall!

Autumn Culinary Workshop


The Four Major Procedures to Having a Great Day in the Kitchen

All about October


Last Week at JWU Denver: Frightmare Week

Freak Week 2014!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

New addition to the blogging team!

0.o Hallow's Eve o.0

Freak Week 2014!

This Week at JWU Denver: Just Call Me Rita Skeeter

How is it about to be Week 8?!

Week-long Activities


Food Service & Hospitality Career Fair


Nutrition & Sensory Analysis Day 8: Practical Exam

Homecoming Wrap Up!

The Spectacular Returns!

Fashion Show

Welcome to Charlotte

Food, Family, and Chocolate

Beauty and Tasty Pleasures

BBQ at Colt State Park

Eating Out in Denver: The Kitchen

L'aventure D'un Pomme

Hello, October

Great time at the Color Run 5k!

4th WEEK AT JWU!!!

The First Month

Hello Junior Year!

First Summer in New England

So. Much. Bread.

A little love goes a long way

From Bangkok to Providence


From the Florida heat to my first real Fall!

Just around the river bend...

Hey There!!


Excursion to Modena


Villa San Donnino


Last Day Trip - Ischia


Our Day in Ferrara



Parma Day 1


Trip to Ischia by Edward Tucker

The city of Bologna

Our Trip to Bologna

Parma, Emilia Romagna

Journey to Parma

Modena, Villa San Donnino By Edward Tucker


Bologna by Rachel Henry



When in Rome...

Sentiero degli Dei

Paris, Je t'aime.

Amalfi and Positano, The Dream Coasts of Italy

Suit UP!

Ravello & Positano

Hotel tours in Ravello & Positano - IHTM

The Netherlands...

The Kingdom of Gods-Athens


Quite possibly the best day of my life...

All better!


Study Abroad


Brendan Brocato


Adventures in Rome

Weekend in Florence!

When in Rome...

Venezia! by Rachel Henry

"Eh-eh-o-eh-o...Eh-eh-o-eh-o" {Pompeii}

Cantina del Vesuvio


eating cupcakes, beating cancer



Castellammare di Stabia

Two already!

Back From Break!

Spring Tri Has Begun!

Back to work!


Goodbye Winter Tri

Internship #2 Week 10

Week 10

Internship 2 Week 9

2 More Weeks!

Internship #2 Week 8

Hello February!

Field Trip 5: Kohl's

NY, NY ! Field Trip 4

The Power of People

Internship #2 Week 7

Snow didn't stop us!

Internship #2 Week 6

Next Stop: New York City

Retail Seminar: Field Trip 3 - FGX Internatinal

Hey Wildcats!

Internship #2 Week 5

Hey everyone!

Internship #2 Week 4

Internship 2 Week 3

Hello 2014!

Internship #2 Week 2

Next stop: Internship!

Winter Week and the New Ice Age of Denver

Internship #2 Week 1

Last Post of My Fall Internship

Internship Week 10

Better late than never

Internship Week 9

Internship Week 8


Internship Week 7

Events at the Gahden (Working on my accent)

Fall Adventure 1: Pumpkin Patch Festival

What a ride

Internship Week 6

R.E.S PECT Find out what it means to me

Internship Week 5

Johnson & Wales on Social Media

Take a chance, just go

"Reasons Like Seasons They Constantly Change"

Holy fall, Denver!

The Past Month and a Half

Internship Week 4


Internship Week 3

I've been thinking of trying to go to the RI campus for culinary school. I had a question on homework. What is homework in culinary school like exactly?

Internship Weeks 1 & 2

New Year New Campus

Berlin Fam Trip 2013 Flash Back

Denver's Gems

46 days and counting...

Almost at the end.

Marksburg Castle Tour and Jean Stodden Winery


Class this week!

La Escuela

Leave No Trace

Career Explorations 2013

Back in class at the Wein School.

7/14/13 Austrian Dinner

A little bit of France!

France Grand Wine Tour

Back in Germany after a week in France

Pura Vida!

Monday, July 8, 2013: Saying our "good-byes" from Bangkok, Thailand

Last week spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Second Morning of the Grand Tour

Leaving For France in the AM

Seoul Life

Shinhan Bank

Career Explorations Next WEEK!

Food In Korea

Hyundai Heavy Industry

Hyundai Motors: The Visit

A Trip to POSCO

Seoul Survival Challenge

Seoul Survival Challenge

Seoul Mates


Germany- First Day of Class

Welcome to the Future!

First Impression of Koblenz!

What we did today, Sunday - June 30, 2013

Are Things Different Here or What?

Surviving Seoul: The Challenge

Hyundai Motors Industry


Hyundai Heavy Industry

Singapore - second week.

Good Bye United States, 안녕하세요 한국!

Singapore - Arab Street

Singapore - lodging


Summer Break!

Singapore - Monday, June 10, 2013

Johnson & Wales Graduate

Don’t let the Dunkin’ Donuts Outside of the Arrival Gate Fool You - A Note to Current and Future Students of the South Korea Study Abroad

Arrived in Hong Kong

"Mom, call me! I got into the South Korea Study Abroad"

A Whole New World: Panmunjeon JSA

South Korea

South Korea

Nobantu Centre Donations


The Backpacking is Over but The Journey Has Just Begun

A Pan-Asian Culinary Adventure

What's up summer?!

How Did I End Up Here?

Hotel visits

Coastal Views


Nutrition Meets REAL LIFE?!

Truly Beautiful My Trullo of Mine, Alberobello and All.


Finding your own way.


Shopping in Providence

Great programs, amazing individuals

Swedish Hikes



in cima al mondo

Untitled: Cantina Del Vesuvio

Fun London

At the Top


Sorrento, Italy

Swedish Fashion: Old and New

Get ready!

Cantina Del Vesuvio

World Culture Museum: Gothenburg

Passion, People, Pasta!

Denver, Denver! (In the tune of New York, New York)

First Week

Fun Trip

First Group Trip In Italy

First Group Trip

Untitled: First Group Trip

That's Amore!

la vita e bella: pilot

The Journey Begins

Swedish Dinner Disaster


Springing into Spring & the new tri

Welcome to Goteborg, Sweden!

It all started with a cupcake

The Journey Begins

Study Abroad!

si ritrova in italia: My background.

Inside Look

Back to America

Our Last Day

Last Travels

Trip to Montserrat

Finally Arrived

Viaje a Barcelona

The End of Term is Here Again

Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime!


Good To Know

Year in Review

JWU Safety and Security


Winter tri!

Turkey Day

Are you part of the club?


Richie: First day back!


Providence, Here I Come!

What to know about your new Wildcat Email!

Moving in with Hurricane Isaac

Disney Culinary Program: Apply Today!

Victorian Garden Party Preparations!

Off to see the Cliffs!

JWU Photo Contest

Seoul Tower

Happy First Day of Summer!

Jeonju Folk Village

My First Time Out of the Country!

South Korea 2012 - Weekend # 1 in Seoul

First Day!

Day One

Pre-Departure Post!

South Korea

My first flight out of the country

So Is It Worth It?


Early start to the day

Follow your JWU Denver Orientation Leaders!

My Top 5 Things I've Learned About Traveling