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Adventure Is Out There!

Aboard a plane to begin her brave study abroad journey to Scotland, JWU North Miami student Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba is thrilled and anxious with the excitement of what is to come.    

The light shines bright from the tiny window and I can see what seems like toy cars going in all directions. There's a soft melody overhead to soothe the ears and there's a slight pungent odor, reminiscent of my grandmother's old carpet, in the air. The purring engine slowly comes to a roar and I feel a slight tremble beneath my feet. Suddenly there's an immense silence and I am mesmerized by the puffs of white.

Jacqueline's view from above as she travels to Scotland. Image credit: Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba

My palms and forehead glisten and I feel a small elevator of flutters in my abdomen. My mind is racing and I feel anxious. I've never been to the other side of the world and I don't travel alone. This time tomorrow I will be in Scotland, ready to embark on my first ever study abroad journey. But for today I travel from one city to the next, until I reach my final destination. A lush patch of greenery on the northeastern hemisphere. Soil rich with culture awaiting exploration from a thirsty mind. A land where the Loch Ness Monster originated. A land that inspired a cult favorite among the younger generation about "the boy who lived.” A land where Kings and Queens roamed the halls of once thriving castles, now abandoned and swallowed by nature.

Scotland awaits me, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Let the adventure begin!


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