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A Final Project Abroad

Samantha Riley’s final project in Event Management involves an Irish mixed martial artist, fine dining and the Special Olympics. Studying in Ireland sounds like so much fun!

The semester is winding to an end, professors are wrapping up material, and assignments that have been haunting students are being handed in. The saying about how precious time is fits this current situation perfectly. Was it not yesterday that I arrived in this foreign country? Now classes are officially over and exams are due to begin in a little over a week.

Trinity College. Photo: Samantha_Riley

One of the assignments for Event Management II was to organize and operate an actual event. It was an opportunity to apply the concepts learned from the textbooks and lecturer to a real-life situation. Throughout the last four months my group has been working diligently on turning the project into a reality and last Thursday it was finally brought to life.

Conor McGregor, an Irish mixed martial artist, is a household name in Ireland and around the world. His name can be heard being uttered from the lips of just about anyone here, which is why my team based a themed table quiz around him and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Suddenly it was the day of and everyone was occupied with multiple tasks to produce a successful event. The evening's proceeds went to the the Special Olympics so the room was decorated with Special Olympics balloons and the hosts wore t-shirts with the logo. It was fitting because the sports aspect of the charity fit in well with the theme of the event. In the background, a laptop projected video clips of past Conor McGregor fights as waiters bustled to and fro serving up the three-course meal.

The main highlight of the night was unfortunately not a fight club which some people had come to believe, but was a table quiz with questions based on the UFC and sprinkled with Special Olympic questions as well. Round by round questions were read aloud, leaving the teams only a few seconds to write down an answer. Eventually, after five rounds a clear winner was determined and the team was awarded their prize along with the winners of the raffle. Filled with five-star food and enveloped in laughter, the participants returned home after a well-executed event.

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