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A Special Thank You: Taylor Shultz Looks Back

For Taylor Shultz, the path from 1st generation college student to JWU Providence alumnus was paved with support from family, friends and faculty. On the eve of her college graduation, Taylor gives thanks.

Taylor graduation.jpg
Taylor's next steps will take her to a full-time management position with The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia


Every student in JWU's Class of 2017 has their own stories and unique journeys that ultimately brought them to where they are today and soon these will all be celebrated in the 2017 commencement ceremonies. The hard work and dedication have paid off and it's time to celebrate. We may only think back to the time we spent in college with thoughts of sleepless nights and coffee-filled days trying to meet deadlines and study for exams, however this journey began when we first went to kindergarten or preschool. Getting through college is both stressful and expensive and requires a level of dedication and a strong support system.

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Taylor's parents take in the sights of JWU Providence.


I am a proud first-generation college student and this weekend marks a big step for me, my career and for my family. This year my parents get to celebrate two college graduations for both myself and my sister, Cameron. With this important event in my life, I hope to inspire at least one younger person in my life to go to college and to pursue a career they love.

Throughout my college career, just as many students have, I’ve faced challenges and changes of plans. I am grateful that my time in college has molded me into an eloquent young woman who has direction and goals. I am a different, improved version of myself than when I first went to college. I credit this change to my family who has helped shaped me, to learning to live on my own and the rigor of a college education.

Taylor Scotland-278940-edited.jpg
Taylor & Scotland have enjoyed many caffeinated moments.


I'd like to take this time to thank my family, friends and parents who have supported me throughout this time and helped me grow to the person I am today. My parents, Kyle, Cameron, Scotland, grandparents, best friends Allison, Serena and Lisa, and my campus friends are probably the most integral support system in my life. These people are the reason I will be walking across the stage on Saturday morning.

It would be a miss if I didn’t also recognize the special and important people who have guided my studies and professionalism: my professors and career services. I feel that every JWU professor, and at my previous institution, have been an integral part of the student and professional I am today. In addition, JWU Career Services is always willing to help and give advice. Thank you to Kathleen Layton, for helping promote, edit and format this blog and for giving me this excellent opportunity! Finally, thank you to anyone who is reading or has read my blog this year. I appreciate your support. I thank each and everyone one of these people and many more that I could not fit into this short blog for the part you have played in my journey to becoming a young professional.

Taylor's sister Cameron (middle) also graduates from college in 2017. Juniata College.

For the class of 2017, the incoming freshmen and the returning students, keep working towards your goals and live a life that you will be proud of living. College presents you with many new opportunities and challenges but these are only opportunities for us to learn and grow. I wish you the best of luck in whatever your next steps may be! We have finally done it, class of 2017! Now it is our turn to go out into the world and show them the skills and knowledge we have gained at JWU.

Taylor is on her way to a full-time management position with The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia. We want to thank her for her many contributions to JWU and to wish her success with all her future endeavors.



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