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JWU Political Science Student Wastes No Time

Gabriella Forte is wasting no time at JWU Providence.  In her first year, she's diving into her political science major by devouring everything she can about foreign and American politics, starting a Political Science Club and learning so much from her valuable professor, Dr. Kevin DeJesus.

All new beginnings, now matter what they are, usually cause similar reactions in people. Feelings evoked include fear, excitement and apprehension. Like many college freshmen, I experienced all of these feelings before coming to Johnson & Wales University. I was lucky enough to already have met my roommates so I was a little more at ease than some people may have been. On September 4th my family and I loaded the car and drove to Providence. Moving in was easier than I anticipated, all of the RA's and OL’s were extremely helpful. Shortly after setting up my bed and decorating, I said "goodbye" to my family and "hello" to my independence. As nervous as I was for college, I was far more excited about what adventures it would bring.

Students on their way to classes in the JWU College of Arts & Sciences.

My first official day of being a college student was on Tuesday, September 6th. My first class was Introduction to Political Science. This was easily the class I was most excited for, as it should be considering I am a political science major. I had no interest in politics until my junior year of high school, when my interest  was ignited by my American History teacher. At the beginning of every class we would discuss current events going on in the US and around the world. Similar to many of my peers, I was completely clueless. I hated the fact that I had no idea what was going on and became determined to educate myself. From that point on I was hooked. I became an avid reader of The New York Times and the Washington Times. I loved the dynamics of politics in the US and around the world.

Dr. Kevin DeJesus visits Gaza.

My JWU Introduction to Political Science class has only deepened my love for politics. Dr. Kevin DeJesus conducts his class in a way that allows students to debate and voice their opinion without feeling judged. Especially with this past election. There was a discussion at the beginning of almost every class about what was happening in the world. I not only love following politics, but I also like to hear my peers' ideologies and beliefs. My classmates all had very different views on politics and I enjoyed learning about their views. I liked getting to meet people that were as interested in politics as I am. Some of my classmates and I even took the initiative to create a Political Science Club on campus. We are still in the process of getting approved by SGA, but several students have shown interest in the club. I am excited to leave my mark on JWU by being the first political science class and with the creation of this club.



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