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5 Ways to Cope with Homesickness

 Tori Murphy displays her compassionate spirit by sharing tips on dealing with longing for home while in college. Tori is studying counseling psychology student at JWU Providence.

Homesickness can strike at any point in your life. For me it strikes when I leave my family on move-in day and have to live without seeing them every day. It is the weirdest feeling, but everyone gets the feeling at some point in their life. Sometimes you miss the little things, and sometimes you miss the bigger things. When I was a freshman, my homesickness was so much worse because it was the first time I was out on my own. Now that I am getting older, I am learning how to cope with missing home. If you are like me and feel the same as I do, you may benefit from my experience and advice.


1. Seek out friends that you can go and talk to.

This was especially important for me because I need an outlet for my feelings. It helped having a support system to reflect with and turn to when something was bothering me. It turned out that most of my friends were feeling the same way as I was during the school year. If you feel uncomfortable talking to friends about this topic, you can seek out professional help.

2. Keep busy.

Personally, I don’t like to think about what upsets me for too long and being able to focus on something else was a better use of my time than dwelling on missing home. I made sure I joined a club and got a job during my freshmen year so I could stay active and busy.

3. Stay connected to home.

Staying in touch with friends and family helped me feel close to them during the year when I knew I couldn’t see them for a while. I was fortunate to go to a university that has breaks, therefore going home became more frequent.

4. Keep personal items close.

By this I mean, decorate your space with things you love and cherish from home. This could be a picture frame, sign/poster, stuffed animals (etc.). Being surrounded by your personal items makes the divide from home and school seem a little better.

Tori Murphy keeps tones of home in her residential hall.

5. Realize that what you are feeling is completely normal.

It is nothing to feel ashamed of. Homesickness is normal, especially among college students because this is our first taste of adulthood and functioning on our own. Just remember that everything will get better with time and the feelings of homesickness will start to fade as the year goes on.

You will find ways that help and work for you throughout the course of the year. I hope my advice helps you as well as it helps me. Remember to always stay positive!

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