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Denver - Finals

Excuse me, I think the whole Denver campus is full of zombies. Everyone’s dazed looks, the packed library, and the inevitable campus-wide coffee shortage can only mean one thing…

It’s finals week.

Right now, everyone is cramming for various upcoming finals and those of us who are in labs are counting down until Day 9. Underneath the scents of coffee breath and desperation, though, is something sweeter. It’s a certain hope—that light at the end of the tunnel, the way out of this labyrinth of suffering, that thing that college kids wax poetically about and is the subject of every pleasantry and small talk. Why the subtle optimism?


I personally will be hitting up San Diego for a fun filled week including Sea World, the zoo, possibly Disneyland, along with so many other things. But whether students are like me and having a little vacation, sticking around Denver, heading home, or using Spring Break to move for an internship or graduation, you can feel the excitement radiating from each person for this long-awaited break.

But right now, let’s just concentrate on getting through finals week, k?

(Good luck guys)