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10 Resources for the College Student

How fitting that JWU Providence student Tori Murphy is pursuing a degree in Counseling Psychology because all she wants to do is help people. Her new post provides 10 online resources that she hopes will make university living a little easier.

Having the right resources is essential for success, especially for college students. The right resources can help students live a healthier, happier, more efficient life.  This generation is very lucky to have everything right at their fingertips, especially the tools for success. Here are 10 very helpful tools that could benefit you.

When Tori Murphy isn't exploring nature, she's helping friends & family.

 1. Textsurf.com

Textsurf is a website where you can purchase or rent books based on the book title or ISB number presented on the book itself. The unique aspect of Textsurf is that it will compare different book companies and their prices, therefore giving you the best options for the book you seek. This will save you hundreds of dollars when buying/renting books for your classes!

2.  WolframAlpha

If you are like me and math is not your major, this website may help you. If you type in your math problem, it will spit out an answer with all of the steps to the problem. It is a very good homework helper and study tool when you are totally lost in your math class.

3. Rate My Professor

This is a very important tool for college students. It is a website that allows students to see other student’s feedback on the class and professor. This is very helpful when I am planning my schedule because it shows me which professor is the best one to take for that class.

4. StudentRate

StudentRate is an amazing way to get discounts and deals on anything and everything. There are deals on clothes, textbooks, travel, technology, etc. Using this resource will save you a lot of money, especially being on a tight budget.

5. KeepMeOut

If you are like me, you designate a specific time to study for classes, but then end up roaming around on Facebook and Pinterest. With this tool, I can set the websites I don’t want to visit during my study time and it will simply keep me out.

6. Tomato Timer

This study tool helps you make the most out of your study time. It automatically sets 25 minutes on the clock, followed by a 5 minute study break. It really helps because it gives you a distinctive time to study. Also, knowing you have a break after the 25 minutes helps you stay more focused during those 25 minutes.

Counseling Psychology major Tori Murphy creates a stellar study environment in her res hall.

7. Rain Rain (app)

If you have trouble going to sleep at night, you may want to listen to something soothing. You can pick from various sounds, such as, rain, thunderstorms, faucet running, dryer, campfire, etc. You can also set a time for the soothing sounds to shut off while you sleep.

8. Alarmy (app)

Most college students I know set alarms and hit the snooze button a billion times before either making the decision to wake up or skip class. Now in college, skipping class is not an option unless you want to say goodbye to attendance points. This alarm will not let you go back to sleep until you are woken up.

9. Talk Typer

This is a very efficient alternative to regularly typing. You just start talking into your computer and this website will generate what you are saying and type it for you. This is a great resource especially because it is so fast.

10. JWU's website

In this case, our JWU website has many good resources within it. It has library references, information about careers and internships, information about club/organization, news about JWU, dining menusand schedules, bus times, etc.

After your next study session, head on over to Tori Murphy's Facebook & Twitter pages to let her know how these resources worked.

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