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Watching your Student Grow & Change

We're thrilled to introduce you to our 1st JWU parent blogger, Gerri Igler. The Igler's youngest daughter, JWU Providence culinary student Kirsten'19, is thriving at school, but she also happens to be hours away from home. How does a concerned mother cope?

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International Hotel Operations Class: Study Abroad in Cuba

Taylor Shultz just did something that was almost impossible until recently: she traveled to Cuba! Read about her participation in JWU's 1st study abroad trip to Cuba.

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A Tasty Swedish Study Abroad Story

JWU Providence student Taina Malave is documenting her study abroad trip in Lule√•, Sweden by writing a delicious blog post that lists the tastiest Swedish foods that she has enjoyed thus far. Anyone hungry for reindeer meat?

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A New JWU Writer in Session

Emily Lemieux features Marina DeAngelis in her latest installment of "People of JWU." Marina is a JWU Providence student majoring in English who is incredibly passionate about life and writing. Meet Marina. 

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Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington Visits JWU

January 24, 2017- Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, President & Founder of the Washington Consulting Group,  led an interactive workshop at JWU Providence spreading his message of creating a more inclusive community in the world. Four students responded by blogging about this moving experience.

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