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From Patient to PA Practitioner: Elizabeth Heisler ’17

Most people don’t have a defining moment in their lives to point to and say, “This is what changed things for me.” Elizabeth Heisler ’17 has two — one that brought her to her profession as a physician assistant, and one that brought her to Penn Medicine’s Department of Neurosurgery.

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Building a Legacy: PA Students Earn White Coats

On a brightly-lit stage on a beautifully sunny day in June, 35 white coats hung in wait for the members of the Class of 2020 Physician Assistant Studies program. The symbolic White Coat Ceremony at Johnson & Wales University, held at the mid-way point of the year-round, 24-month program, marks the beginning of students’ clinical training.

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PA Students Step Into the Kitchen

Sixteen Physician Assistant Studies students stream into a kitchen lab in the College of Culinary Arts on the Harborside Campus. Waiting for them is Todd Seyfarth ’01, RD, CSSD, associate professor and department chair in the College of Health & Wellness, and his culinary student assistant. They're standing near several lab benches set up for the day’s class. On each bench is a container of cauliflower béchamel, a white sauce that will play a key role in the lesson Seyfarth has planned to teach these physician assistants-to-be about culinary medicine.

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