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Going Green: OTD Students Explore Dietetics

A quick online search for healthy, balanced diets results in an overwhelming amount of conflicting diet advice: keto, Atkins, paleo, lemon detox, Whole30, and the cabbage soup diet are just some of the trending fads. Chef Todd Seyfarth, program director for the Culinary Nutrition and the Dietetics and Applied Nutrition programs at JWU, is here to set the record straight.

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PA Students Step Into the Kitchen

Sixteen Physician Assistant Studies students stream into a kitchen lab in the College of Culinary Arts on the Harborside Campus. Waiting for them is Todd Seyfarth ’01, RD, CSSD, associate professor and department chair in the College of Health & Wellness, and his culinary student assistant. They're standing near several lab benches set up for the day’s class. On each bench is a container of cauliflower béchamel, a white sauce that will play a key role in the lesson Seyfarth has planned to teach these physician assistants-to-be about culinary medicine.

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