Cross-Major Collaboration: Bringing Pop-Up Restaurant Concepts to Life

A colorful array of veggies and leafy greens, votive candles, fresh flowers, and seashells were just some of the components of the center pieces displayed on the tables of Chef TJ Delle Donne and Chef Joseph Melanson’s Conscious Cuisine classes.

Sneak Peek: Chef Neath Pal’s International Cuisine Class

Chef Neath Pal’s sophomore-level International Cuisine class is a whirlwind tour of 16 different cultures in 9 days. Chef Pal admits that it’s a lot of ground to cover made somewhat easier by the fact that the regions are grouped by commonalities of flavor patterns, ingredients and techniques used.

JWU Charlotte Takes the Iron Chef Challenge

Take 3 JWU College of Culinary Arts student finalists, one mystery basket, and 45 minutes ticking down on the clock — welcome to the Iron Chef Challenge at JWU Charlotte, co-sponsored by JWU’s dining hall partner Chartwells and food-tech startup Hampton Creek.

Plating 101: Contrast and Balance in Food Presentation

The art of plating is all about contrast. JWU Providence Chef Branden Lewis recently led a master class in plating and presentation for College of Culinary Arts students of all experience levels. Here’s some of what they learned:

Tasty Branding: JWU Design Students Bring Food Companies to Life

Food is a visual medium — so naturally, designing food packaging brings out the playful side of JWU Providence’s Graphic Design & Digital Media students. Professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliott’s Advanced Print class recently had the task of conceptualizing and designing an identity system for a hypothetical beverage company.