How to Get Competition-Ready for the S&D Culinary Challenge

Now in its 7th year, the S&D Culinary Challenge has become a signature event at JWU Charlotte. This annual demo-based competition, which is sponsored by S&D Coffee, is a great way for students to show off their culinary creativity while sharpening their presentation skills before a panel of industry expert judges.

The State of Local: Charlotte Food Economy Roundtable

Farm-to-table. Locavore. Artisanal. These phrases get thrown around a lot when we think of our regional food economies. What defines local? How can we support scalable growth for growers, sellers and distributors? And how can we insure quality and integrity once product demand surges in popularity?

JWU Charlotte Takes the Iron Chef Challenge

Take 3 JWU College of Culinary Arts student finalists, one mystery basket, and 45 minutes ticking down on the clock — welcome to the Iron Chef Challenge at JWU Charlotte, co-sponsored by JWU’s dining hall partner Chartwells and food-tech startup Hampton Creek.

Culinary Guild Symposium Showcases Charlotte’s Rich Food Scene

In early March, JWU’s Charlotte Campus played host to — and participated in — the first annual Piedmont Culinary Guild Food & Beverage Symposium.

The event brought together 30+ presenters from all sectors of Charlotte’s thriving food scene, from farmers, growers and butchers to chefs, cheesemakers and bakers to share their expertise and knowledge with more than 200 food professionals, purveyors and enthusiasts.

Best of 2015: Plating Hacks, Alum Advice + a Culinary History Lesson

We started this blog this year so we’d have a place to really dig deep into all things culinary at JWU. It’s been a fun ride — we hope you think so too!

In case you’re just discovering us, here are the top 10 posts from the past year.