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Tasty Branding: JWU Design Students Bring Food Companies to Life

Written by Andrea Feldman | 4/14/16 4:23 PM

Food is a visual medium — so naturally, designing food packaging brings out the playful side of JWU Providence’s Graphic Design & Digital Media students. Professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliott’s Advanced Print class recently had the task of conceptualizing and designing an identity system for a hypothetical beverage company.

“As part of the parameters, they had to design a logo, as well as label designs with visual coding to translate flavor change,” notes Jimenez-Elliott. “In addition, they had to create an advertisement (digital or print) for the brand. Most designed an ad for print, but depending upon the target audience, some took the digital route, creating Snapchat filters or brief commercials for their customers.”

To get the process rolling, Jimenez-Elliott asked students to create a mood board showcasing images that they wanted their brand to “feel” like. From there, “most everyone decided on custom illustration and/or hand-drawn typography” for their brand identity.

“All of the students did a lot of research when developing their brand strategies to ensure that the design for their product would appeal to their decided target audience, while having a strong shelf presence.”

As a separate assignment, students were tasked with designing logos, menus and a full truck wrap for a hypothetical food truck. Included here are truck designs by Ray Nunez (Calizone), Damian Orellana (Pudgy Pico) and Ben Laudicano (Lajas). Also included are beverage TV spots by Brianna Ferraioli (Cold Brew Coffee) + Damian Orellana (The Mixer Brewing Company).

Top-bottom, student work by: Brianna Ferraioli (Cold Brew), Damian Orellana (The Mixer), Amanda TerBush (Stone Almond Milk), Craig Nelson (Virtue Cold Brew), Cammie Niles (Amigos Farm Basics), Damian Orellana (Pinto Organics), Heather Wilson (Fruit Shot), KadiJah Smallwood (Gazelle Wines), Ben Laudicano (Lajas), Damian Orellana (Pudgy Pico) + Ray Nunez (Calizone).