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JWU Takes NYC: A Tour of Facebook Headquarters

Welcome to the East Coast hub of all things Facebook, where the ideas flow and the magic happens. And, no — we aren’t talking about Mark Zuckerburg’s old college dorm room — we’re talking about the multi-million dollar New York City headquarters that JWU students got the chance to tour.

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A Class Instagram Competition Teaches Students How to Get #InstaGood At Social Media

You might not get as many likes as Kylie Jenner, but you can definitely boost your Instagram game with some of these tips from  JWU's Social Media Marketing class. 

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Making Connections: Social Media and Digital Marketing

The innovative nature of social media and digital marketing presents exciting new career paths along with challenges that are unraveling as fast as the industry is evolving. Businesses are relying on digital marketing experts to personalize messaging that leads to sales in a cost-effective and measurable way. Four JWU alumni reconnected on campus to speak with students from the College of Business and the College of Engineering & Design at a social media and digital marketing panel.

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