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JWU Students Go Behind the Scenes at NIC+ZOE

Students at Nic and Zoe

JWU Providence students don’t wait until their senior year to begin planning career opportunities for the future. For 41 students enrolled in the retail industry seminar course in the Fashion Merchandising & Retailing degree program, they went behind the scenes at the corporate headquarters of NIC+ZOE— a bold and intuitive women’s clothing brand—and learned about wholesaling and merchandising from industry experts.

Site visits like this one, explains Diane McCrohan, associate professor in the College of Business, allow these students, many who are in their second year at JWU, to begin thinking about what different jobs and internships they might like to explore. At NIC+ZOE, “students gained an understanding of the creative process of designing and learned the timing of getting clothing from an idea to selling it in a store,” she says. “There are many steps involved, and they were introduced to them all first-hand.”

By touring the facility and networking with professionals in the industry, including the “Zoe” of NIC+ZOE, who is the owner’s daughter and merchandise manager, students learned how the company continues to stay successful in its path to dress the career-oriented woman of today.

Transfer student Paulette Lyon ’19 is one of those students.

I learned at NIC+ZOE how a fashion-focused company can be most successful in an industry where the trends change by the minute."

Students at Nic and ZoeJWU’s small class sizes and collaborative environment caught her eye when she was still at Arizona State. “The fashion program at JWU stood out to me because of its hands on projects and connections with local retailers and designers,” Lyon says. She hopes to use her internship and work experiences to gain an exciting job in New York City or London. “My dream job is to be the creative director of British Vogue."

After visits to NIC+ZOE, Kohl's and Domaine, next up for the students is a trip to the world headquarters of jewelry retailer Alex + Ani.


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