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Studying Human Resource Management can take you places. It starts at JWU.

Alexis Gamache '18

Human resources is expanding far beyond the basics of hiring, training, compensation and benefits. In JWU’s 4-year Human Resource Management (BSBA) program in the College of Business, students will study business administration and human resource management, enhancing their education and preparing for a career in both fields.

Topics: Providence Human Resource Management

Student Entrepreneurs Gear Up to Launch Online Business

This winter, 2 students in the College of Business and 1 in the College of Hospitality Management, along with fellow collaborators, will officially launch Rabbit — a catalog of experiences tailored to each individual user based on their interests and a place for businesses and organizations to break free from the limitations of conventional advertising. Starting with an idea and making it a reality is the kind of opportunity that is available and supported here at JWU.

Topics: Providence Business Entrepreneurship