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For Emma Goldberg, Change Means Opportunity at JWU

When the best-laid plans went awry, Emma Goldberg ’21 found her calling. Goldberg, who came to JWU as a Baking & Pastry Arts major,comes from a family of scientists and loves science experiments involving flour and sugar. However, once entrenched in the culinary labs at the 82,000 square foot Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence, the aspiring pastry chef realized that she would rather play with food than adhere to recipes.

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Political Science Internships Open Doors to Opportunity

At JWU, we're rethinking issues that impact people’s lives, and we’re studying the way leaders and forms of government contribute to the well-being of societies. The Political Science program is a perfect example of this approach. In addition to work inside the classroom, students are given access to life-changing internships and study abroad trips that further influence their careers.

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Making Votes Count: Secretary of State Gorbea Talks Election Security

Election security is a complex issue — and as the 2020 election cycle revs up, a crucial one to understand from multiple angles. To help his students grasp the big picture, Assistant Professor Kevin DeJesus invited Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea to speak to Political Science and Criminal Justice students about statewide efforts to ensure safe, confidential voting — particularly in the face of emerging cybersecurity threats.

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Making an Impact: Changing the Economy, One Wildcat at a Time

How much of an impact can JWU students have on the local economy? Can they really affect change when it comes to policy-making? According to Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee, JWU students can and do hold the power — and all it takes to improve the economy is a little grassroots involvement.

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Politics, Race + Gender in Media Before, Between and Beyond Election 2016


Television journalists Steph Machado, from WPRI, and Michelle San Miguel, from NBC10 Providence, were on campus to discuss the role of politics, race and gender in media as part of the Media & Politics Café series, a joint initiative to engage students in the Political Science, Media & Communication Studies, Psychology and Sociology programs. The event focused on the pair’s experiences in a world of growing media distrust, and highlighted the best ways for students to report news and consume media.

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A World Awash With Hate: Alex Neve Talks Human Rights with Students

Today’s global politics seem tense when it comes to just about any subject. But, perhaps the biggest issues of late have centered around immigration, refugees and human rights. Last week, Assistant Professor Kevin Dejesus's Introduction to Global Politics and International Relations class got the chance to talk about these difficult topics with Alex Neve, the secretary general of Amnesty International Canada.

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Talking Diplomacy and Politics with Former Ambassador Joseph Paolino Jr.

JWU students interested in hearing about the day-to-day life of an ambassador got a firsthand account during a wide-ranging talk by the former U.S. Ambassador to Malta, Joseph Paolino Jr. The talk was organized as part of Assistant Professor Kevin DeJesus’ Political Science course, “Contemporary Dynamics of Diplomacy and Statecraft.”

Paolino had an established career in politics at the time of his appointment to Malta. In 1978, he was elected to the Providence City Council. He was serving as City Council Chairman when Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci was removed from office on felony charges. As a result, Paolino became acting mayor at age 29. He ran in the special election to succeed Cianci and served as Mayor until 1991. In 1994, President Bill Clinton appointed him to the Maltese post.

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Political Science Students Present Real Solutions to City's Issues

Students in assistant professor Kevin DeJesus' Political Science 1001 recently presented Central Falls Mayor James Diossa and City Council President Robert Ferri with solutions to real challenges the city is facing. As Diossa and Ferri listened intently from the front row of the oak-paneled City Hall chambers, student groups addressed issues such as domestic violence, community building, education and abandoned buildings.

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Rebuilding Public Trust with Mayor James Diossa

If you ask the mayor of Central Falls James Diossa what advice he’d give to a young person considering going into politics, his answer would be two words: do it.

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Law, Politics & Public Trust in the Digital Age

Bringing a cop, a politician, and a journalist together to talk about public trust might sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but that is exactly what happened at the most recent Media & Politics Café at JWU Providence.

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