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For Emma Goldberg, Change Means Opportunity at JWU

When the best-laid plans went awry, Emma Goldberg ’21 found her calling. Goldberg, who came to JWU as a Baking & Pastry Arts major,comes from a family of scientists and loves science experiments involving flour and sugar. However, once entrenched in the culinary labs at the 82,000 square foot Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence, the aspiring pastry chef realized that she would rather play with food than adhere to recipes.

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Political Science Internships Open Doors to Opportunity

At JWU, we're rethinking issues that impact people’s lives, and we’re studying the way leaders and forms of government contribute to the well-being of societies. The Political Science program is a perfect example of this approach. In addition to work inside the classroom, students are given access to life-changing internships and study abroad trips that further influence their careers.

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More Than a One-Trick Pony: Training Dressage Horses

Growing up in Blue Point, NY, Emma Davern was always active. She played volleyball for her school, surfed during the warmer months in the Long Island Sound, and rode her horse nearly every single day.

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The Power of Communication in Conflict

Today’s world is full of conflict and demands for opinions. Whether it's 24-hour news cycles or pressures to pick a political side, almost no topic, however benign, seems to be off-limits for debate.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome to JWU’s Center for Media Production

An arsenal of high-end video and photo equipment, two light-controlled studios, a soundproofed podcast studio, two editing suites, a writer’s room and 24 powerful Mac Pro work stations. These are just some of the features that JWU’s new Center for Media Production has to offer.

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Save Time. Save Money. Stand Out.

Who says it has to take four years to earn an undergraduate degree? And why spend six years earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree when it can be done in five? Or why not start a law degree early, or prepare for medical school while completing an undergraduate degree?

With any number of accelerated pathways, JWU undergraduate students can do just this — saving money and time — and gaining a competitive edge upon entering the workforce.

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Paul Sylvestre: A Positive Force for JWU

Samantha Aspinwall '19 (Fashion Merchandising & Retail) and Brooklyn Estremera '19 (Graphic Design) wrote this profile as part of an assignment for Professor Marian Gagnon’s Introduction to News Writing course this spring.

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Finding Beauty in Science at JWU

Three years ago, a prospective biology student visited the John J. Bowen Center for Science and Innovation during Accepted Student Day. As one of only two potential biology candidates, Madelyn King ’19 received a personal tour thanks to Associate Professor Michael Budziszek, Ph.D. “In the midst of him touring me around the property, we discussed and came across my love for art,” she says. “I told him that I had completed some anatomy drawings in high school, and he said, ‘send them my way.’ I did.” And that is how the Arts in Sciences club at JWU began — before she even enrolled in the program.

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Making an Impact: Changing the Economy, One Wildcat at a Time

How much of an impact can JWU students have on the local economy? Can they really affect change when it comes to policy-making? According to Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee, JWU students can and do hold the power — and all it takes to improve the economy is a little grassroots involvement.

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The Path to JWU’s PA Program: Anthony DiMauro '19

Anthony DiMauro’s path to medicine started before he even realized it; as a high-school athlete, he found himself in the orthopedist’s office quite often with broken bones. Despite the circumstances that brought him there, he found that he enjoyed seeing his x-rays up on the screen and learning where the breaks were, how they affected growth plates, and more. By his final year of high school at Bishop Hendricken, he was shadowing a doctor in his hometown of Johnston, RI for his senior project. He enjoyed the experience so much that he continued on with it in his first few years of college.

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