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Students Honored at 2016 Academic Symposium

2016 Academic Symposium award recipients

Students and faculty members from across our Providence campus convened at the Grace Welcome Center on May 4 to celebrate the exemplary academic work of five undergraduate students.

The seventh annual Academic Symposium, organized by the College of Arts & Sciences, recognized the work of students from a variety of majors, including liberal studies, psychology, culinary nutrition, food service management and baking & pastry arts.

The Academic Symposium Committee reviewed student work the was nominated by College of Arts & Sciences faculty and made their selections based on the clarity, originality, and insightfulness of the students' research and writing. The projects covered a wide range of topics, from racial representation in popular media, to feminine aggression in sports, to poetry.
Award recipient Shannon Brennan with Professor Johanna Chruch

Students provided brief presentations of their work before receiving their awards.

Shannon L. Brennan, liberal studies, "Feminine aggression in Sport and Interpersonal Relationships: A Discussion Regarding Intimate Partner Violence in At the Corner of Love and Basketball" (nominated by Johanna Church)

Emily P. Fries, psychology, "Profile of a Veteran" (nominated by Marian Gagnon)  

Delaney Gruendl, culinary nutrition, "Three Tyrants Ruling the Self-Esteem of Girls" (nominated by Paula Champa)

Dolores Mohamadfood service management, "What's Left of the Soul" (nominated by Jim Brosnan)

Kai Nelsonbaking & pastry arts, "Where's the Representation? The Impact of White Washing on Black Children" (nominated by Pamela Fracareta)

These papers will also be added to the digital Scholars Archive.

Award recipient Dolores Mohamad with Professor Jim Brosnan and her parents

 The Academic Symposium Committee 2015-2016

Cindy Sharp Carr (Equine)
Johanna Church (Humanities)
Aimee Dufresne (Science)
Carla White Ellis (ESL)
Lucy Ligas (Mathematics)
David Newman (Social Sciences)
J. Scott Oberacker, Chair (Media & Communication Studies)
Ken Rourke (Social Sciences)

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