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#ecig: How Social Media is Changing the Ad Game

Tobacco advertising often evokes images of the Marlboro man or Joe Camel: old-school print ads that drew crowds both young and old. However, today’s advertising is different, and more camouflaged — you may not even blink as you scroll through your Instagram feed and pass an ad for e-cigarettes. Your favorite YouTube star might be hawking them through sponsored ads, or you may see creative and clever memes related to vaping.

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‘Our Expo’ Offers Students a Forum for Discussing Challenging Topics

Lynnyanda Dixon looked at her peers and quietly told them something that has been on her mind. “You don’t know this, but I get asked if I’m gay a lot based off of what I wear. Some days I look like girl, sometimes I look like a guy. I’m not a makeup kind of girl. I ask, ‘What would give you that impression?’ I find it odd.”

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Fake News and its Effects Beyond Journalism

We hear the term "fake news" so often about every topic imaginable: politics, celebrity death hoaxes and which shows are leaving Netflix (don't worry — The Office is safe, for now). The term has become so vague that it's become difficult to gauge its impact on news media and its consumers, and brings a unique set of worries to students studying journalism.

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Biology Students, Professors Delve into Algae Research

JWU students looking at careers in medicine are finding a unique way to prepare for the rigors of that endeavor – algae research.
Because of the techniques involved in the study of algae, Professors Christos Dimos and Donald Kaczmarczyk of the Science Department have developed an independent research project for students wishing to gain experience in lab research, field work and environmental science. Selected students are already gaining new insights into experiences that can ultimately apply to their academic interests.

Over the course of three months, students measured stream parameters and collected algal specimens from three local streams, which were later identified in the lab. “First of all, we want to see if the water quality changes [from stream to stream],” Kaczmarczyk says. “Are there differences in those different types of environments? And does that relate to the types of algae that are present?”

This undergraduate research project provides students with valuable insight and experience into an aspect of science that is not often explored in pre-med or PA tracks.

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Leadership Day Focuses on Empowering Lives through Art

Growing up in Queens, N.Y., Natalie Frazier Allen lived in a safe home, but the lives of her neighbors just a block away were different. Everyone in her family has been the victim of some sort of crime, so she grew up with a strong sense of self and advocating for others. Throughout her years in school and in college, she had numerous mentors who helped her along the path of success and charity.

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Life at the Equine Center

Johnson & Wales University’s Center for Equine Studies, located just 15 miles from the Providence campus in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, is one of JWU’s hidden gems. I interviewed John Richards ’96, equine center facilities manager, about what a “day in the life” looks like at the property. Richards has been a staff member for 20 years and claims that no two days in his career have ever been the same.

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