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A Chat with a Diplomat: Careers in the State Department

Philip Beekman, U.S. Department of State diplomat in residence for New England, visited Johnson & Wales to speak to a group of engaged students about careers in the State Department and life as an Ambassador.

About one-third of the group of students consisted of Political Science majors, with others representing areas of Criminal Justice, Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Fashion Merchandising & Retailing, and Business Studies. This broad representation of majors echoed the theme of the day: there is a career for everyone and every interest in the State Department.

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Fast Track a Psychology Career with JWU’s New 3+2 Program

Recognizing the need for mental health professionals, Johnson & Wales University has created unique 3+2 programs for Psychology majors who aspire to become counselors and work in a clinical setting. These programs, which maximize the time and investment of JWU students and their families, offer the chance to begin the work towards a professional licensure sooner.

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