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The Kingdom of Gods-Athens


I am an International Hotel and Travel Tourism student from Providence campus. Now, I am in Italy.

On Thursday April 3, I finally went to Athens, my dream city. I really glad I can have chance to go to Athens, Greece. It is the capital and the largest city of Greece. It has around 3,400years history,and the kingdom of god. One of the most important scenic spots is the Acropolis.


The Acropolis made a strong impression on me. It is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and containing the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance.


There are lots of site on the mountain, such as: The Parthenon, dedicated by the Athenians to Athena Parthenos, the patron of their city.


On the north side of the sacred rock is the Erechtheion, was erected in 421-406 BC as a replacement of an earlier temple dedicated to Athena Polias, the so-called ”Old temple”, it is famous of Caryatids.


Although these temples are incomplete, some only left a few columns, but still let me feel very shocked. You cannot marvel at the ancient building technology.

Now the temples are set up around the railing. Some staff will be crushed stone, and assembly again, also they use scaffolding poles around some columns to fixation. At the same time, there are staff checks around, in order not to let visitors touch the marble.


Standing on a hill, you can also see the panoramic view of the whole city.


The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone theatre structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens. As part of the Athens Festival every summer there are several performances at the Herodion.

Although I have some different of the communication, but the local people are very enthusiastic. The city is very clean, and it is easy to go around by subway. Also, the little restaurant by the road, and some souvenir shop is also a good choice for tourism.


I have a dinner at a small and traditional restaurant. The restaurant decorate  is very beautiful and sweet. The shopkeeper recommend some traditional and characteristics food to me,it is tasted so good.


By the end, it is an amazing trip! And i love it!!! And I really hope I can have more time to stay.

— Minhui ZHONG (Amber)



I am currently staying in Castellammare di Stabia located in the Campania region of southern Italy. On Saturday April 12th  my roommate and I decided to venture outside of our little town of Stabia and explore the popular tourist destination of Sorrento. At this point we were in desperate need of American food and we were told Sorrento was the place to go for shopping, fine dining restaurants, and breathtaking sceneries. 

After Thirty minutes on the Circumvesuviana train we were in Sorrento ! Posh, but not so much; my first impression was Miami boulevard with way more history and culture which made it very unique. The streets in the day are packed with tourist making their way to all the designer stores, cafes, fine dining local restaurants, and nearby historic sites. 

Because Sorrento is located on the coast we knew we would find fresh seafood in just about any restaurant we should step foot in. Seafood and Steak was our main focus for the day. As we were walking around taking it all in we were noticing a lot more limoncello stores than we have ever seen. Being the inquisitive person I am I managed to communicate my question to one of the vendors asking him why are there so many stores selling limoncello. To our surprise we were smack dab in the center of “Limoncello Land” in other words , this region was one of the starting grounds for the production of the popular liquor. At the end of our day we had fresh seafood from a  local restaurant located steps away from the fishing port , steak cooked to my liking and Limoncello like no other. 

Sorrento is bursting with excitement and a lot more to explore, We have been there twice and we are already planning our next visit before we leave Italy in a month. 

Dannielle McKnight

Hey everyone! I have some big news to share with you all! First if all, two weeks ago my team (the Intercollegiate Dressage Association team) hosted its final competition for the spring season, which was also my last show as a senior! Our team ended up riding really well and taking home first prize in the competition, being the team that came out on top with the highest scores!! Since our team won the show, that put us in first place for the entrie season, so we earned a spot at NATIONALS!!

The national competition was held this past weekend in Virginia at Averett University and although I didn’t get to go, I kept in touch with my teammates all weekend and everyone rode awesome! The horse draws were tough as always, and the riding was competitive, but Johnson & Wales ended up finishing 5th overall, which is fantastic considering the heavy competition!!

As my senior year continues to wind down, I get a little sad thinking back on all the memories, especially those shared with my team throughout the years, but I guess the memories are the best part of college! See ya everyone!


I’m an International Hotel & Tourism Management Major student and I’m currently studying abroad in Italy. I’ve traveled to Rome on my second weekend that I’ve been in Italy and I must say for my first time in Rome, it was splendid! It was a totally different scenery and so different from what I usually see on a daily. I visited the basic tourist areas which were The Vatican, The Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Square, the Spanish steps and the Colosseum. These are some great tourist areas that you must see while in Rome. My friends and I took a Hop-on Hop-off bus from the bus station to the different areas. It was the best decision we made because it was completely impossible to do by feet. Our first stop was the Colosseum, we didn’t enter the Colosseum just because of the lack of time, but we still enjoyed our time.

The funniest thing happened; we passed our stop to the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain due to a misunderstanding. We thought the bus would drop us off right in front of the areas but instead it drops you off on the street, so you would have to walk 5 minutes or less to the area. Since we missed the drop-off, we had to take the tour again! We really didn’t mind because we had a blast the first time. On our second time around we made sure we knew when to get off. Our last stop was the Trevi Fountain. There was so many people there surrounding the fountain. It was just so beautiful, especially at night. We stopped to eat at this nice restaurant 3 minutes from the Trevi Fountain. The owner of the restaurant played American music for us and made us try his specialty oil. Rome would be a memorable experience for me!


I am currently studying abroad in Italy for the IHTM degree. My roommate is here with me and we began planning out our weekend trips a long time ago. Both of us are huge nerds (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc…), and London has a lot of nerd-related things, so even though I had already been to London this summer for a few days, I decided to go back for one weekend with my roommate. I am SO happy I made that decision because my weekend in London was one of the greatest weekends of my life.

We had to take a shuttle from Castellammare to the Naples airport, which was super convenient and only took about a half hour. We then took and Easyjet  flight to the London Stansted airport. From there we had to take a Terravision bus to central London, where we could have walked to our hostel, but it was 1:30 in the morning so we decided to take a cab. We stayed at the Walrus Bar and Hostel. I stayed there this summer and fell in love with it. If you ever go to London I highly recommend this place. It is comfortable, safe, and the people who work there are awesome and fun. They have free wifi and a continental breakfast is included. I met some of the coolest people while staying in this hostel.image

The front of the Walrus Bar and Hostel

Our first day in London started of the a tour of Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea F.C. stadium. I am a huge Chelsea fan, and was unable to do the tour this summer. It was definitely one of the coolest places I have ever been. I got to sit in where the players sit and see their changing room with all of their jerseys hung up. The museum was amazing too, very interactive, and it had all of their trophies on display. Unfortunately, I  couldn’t get tickets to the game against Stoke City that was that weekend because the tickets sold out before they went on sale to the general public.image

In front of the pitch

After that we went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which is actually located at 221B Baker Street. They made it look just like Sherlock’s house in the stories. On one floor of the house they had wax figures of all the major characters including Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty. On Saturday we went to Speedy’s Sandwich Bar and Cafe, which is located next door to 221B Baker Street in the BBC version on Sherlock. However, the BBC version apartment is actually on N. Gower Street. The cafe had good food and service, and their were pictures of the cast everywhere.

After that we continued on to the Harry Potter Studio Tours. They were having a special called “Feathers in Flight” so all of the owls from the movies were there. There were also the artists who made Buckbeak and Fawkes look so realistic, they were doing demonstrations on how they created the birds. I saw the studios this summer, but as a crazy Harry Potter fan I think it will be worth the money every time (Especially since I got to meet Hedwig!). My favorite things about the studio tour are seeing the inside of The Burrow (The Weasley’s home), butterbeer (which is essentially cream soda with some wonderful fluffy topping), and the Hogwarts model that was actually used in filming.image



Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, at 4 Privet Drive

We also went to The Who Shop. This store is dedicated to selling a wide variety of Doctor Who merchandise. The owner actually remembered me from this summer, so apparently I am loved there, probably because of how much money I spent. They also have a museum in the back of the store, which you enter by unlocking the doors of an official TARDIS prop used in filming, Doctor Who fans will understand how awesome that is. Inside they have official props and costumes that were used in Classic Doctor Who and the new seasons.

After we got all of our nerdy things out of the way we spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday sightseeing. We bought the London Pass which gave us free entry to just about everything except St. Paul’s Cathedral. It also included a travel card for the weekend that gave us unlimited use of the buses and underground. We did The London Bridge Experience which explains the history of the London Bridge, but in a creepy way with actors that are meant to scare you, it was awesome. We also went to the top of Tower Bridge, which had amazing views, but because of the glare in the windows I could not get a good picture. However, even if you don’t have the London Pass it is definitely worth the money to go. image

Tower Bridge

Another place I would highly recommend is Westminster Abbey. I am not religious but this is by far one of the coolest places I have ever been in, especially  if you are into British History. They have audio guides so you can see everything at your own pace, but I could literally spend hours in there.

London is so full of history and amazing places to see and things to do. I think everyone who goes will have an awesome time. I have now been there three times and all I want to do is go back and see even more.

Tierney Maston

Quite possibly the best day of my life…

On Sunday April 6th, I joined some local friends, who had invited me to go with them to Slow Food Day in Gragnano.  I had no idea what to expect or what I was in for when they picked me up.  We started at Castello Lettere where we had some fresh milk and snacks.  We then hiked up the very steep hill, where there is a small cave at the top.  There were a ton of people going up to the cave, from all walks of life; from the Mayor of Gragnano, to rock climbers, to children and elderly women in high heels.  I was fully immersed into the Italian culture.  We met a gentlemen on the walk up who was making us flutes out of the tree branches.  After we came down from the cave, we returned to Castello Lettere where they were playing traditional folk music and dancing.  My friend informed me that most of the Italians that were at Slow Food Day had never seen an American before, which explained why everyone was looking at me.  When the Italians realized there was an American, they began to bring us large plates of fresh cheese, and bread and bottles of wine.  They were utterly welcoming, giving and extremely nice.  The “Bee Man”, who collects and sells fresh honey was there as well.  We spoke with him for a long time. He was an extremely interesting person with a wealth of knowledge on bees.  Up to this point, the day was unbelievable, little did I know what we were doing next.

When we left Slow Food Day we stopped at a local pizza shop in Gragnano and picked up some pizzas.  We then drove almost  to the top of Monte Croche, where we then hiked the rest of the way to the very top.  It was the mot beautiful view I have ever seen.  As we sat at the top of Monte Croche and looked down at the Bay of Naples and the surrounding cities, I couldn’t help but be grateful to be here, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  After we finished eating and hung out for a while, we started our trek back down the mountain.  As if the day wasn’t amazing enough, we stopped and spoke with the goat shepherd that has an entire herd of goats on the to of the mountain.  He was the kindest man and offered us homemade wine.  When we told him how delicious it was, he tried to give us the entire jug, which we kindly denied.  This was a day for the books, and will be appreciated and remembered for the rest of my life. image




All better!

It was a very lousy week for me. Unfortunately, I was in bed with tonsillitis all week. Then to top it off, I got pink eye…what are the odds?! Aside from being sick though, I did have some fun and exciting things happen to me this week.

1. I officially became a Starbucks “gold card” holder…which is VERY exciting!

2. I found an $80 Nordstrom gift card on the floor of my car!

3. I used the money to buy new make-up (which is always fun), so I got things I would never normally buy!

Tomorrow I am leaving Providence to go to Maryland for Passover and to see my pledge sister since she is living there while she does her internship! I am so excited and I am sure I will have LOTS to update on.



I had spent exactly one month in southern Italy on my International Hotel and Tourism study abroad program when I went to Amsterdam for a weekend. The main reason for this trip was to reunite with an old friend, the destination was a rather random decision. Consequently, I didn’t have a lot of expectations for the city.

After a train ride, a bus ride and two flights, I finally arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday night. I was instantly in a great mood when I got to hug my friend again after two years of not seeing each other. My mood kept getting better when we rode the bus from the airport to the city center and I saw how beautiful the city was with all its canals and bridges.

The first night had to be dedicated entirely on catching up with each others lives, but the next morning we were ready to explore Amsterdam! The front desk agent at our hotel had given us a city map and pointed out the main attractions. We took off on foot, and started walking in the direction of Anne Frank house. We soon changed our mind about renting bikes for the rest of the day because cyclists in Amsterdam bike extremely fast and with rules too complicated for two confused tourists like us. Many canals later, we arrived at Anne Frank house. The line to get in was comparable to the one outside the Vatican City. Apparently one should make reservations online before visiting. Although it might be disappointing for tourists like me and my friend to miss out on the attraction because we didn’t plan far enough in advance, I think it is a good attempt to regulate the big streams of tourists. Even though we missed out on Anne Frank house, we saw a lot of the city that day: the Red Light District, the Rijksmuesum, and the Royal Palace.

We had dutch cheese and bread for lunch and dinner all weekend

We spent the next day exploring some of the different markets Amsterdam has to offer. We saw everything from fresh flowers to old postcards and left with a couple more souvenirs than planned. Before it got dark, we decided to take a walk along the Amstel river. This was breathtakingly beautiful, especially when we arrived at the Prinsengracht with all its houseboats.

The flower market, seen from the back

The houseboats at the Prinsengracht

I was very sad to leave Amsterdam the morning after and am determined to go back as soon as I get the opportunity. Finding places that have this effect on me is the reason why I travel. I think the city has a lot more to offer than what it is known for, but why don’t you go see for yourself?

By Valeska Ruiken

Study Abroad

Ever since my freshman year at Johnson & Wales I have been interested in studying abroad. The chance to experience a different culture and its diverse food and traditions has always appealed to me. Luckily Johnson & Wales offers several programs like the ones my fellow bloggers have been posting about. This year i finally got the chance to apply for study abroad, and I WAS ACCEPTED! Ill be studying in Singapore & Thailand over the summer!

In Singapore I will be studying at a culinary academy there, learning about South East Asian Cuisine. I will get to participate in many excursions and opportunities that I had only dreamed of before! I cannot wait to share my journey with you all this summer.


Paris has been the number one place I wanted to visit when I was a child. For its fame of Romanticism, iconic architecture and artistic atmosphere, my classmates and I finally took a weekend trip to Paris as we had planned since day one to experience this glamorous city. When we arrived in Paris, it was already late in the afternoon. After dinner, we went straight to the Eiffel Tower. As I was told that the best time to see the Eiffel Tower was not during the day but was at night. And it’s true! When I looked at the tower with the lights on, it instantly stole my heart.


Next day in the morning we went to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is widely considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and among the largest and most well-known church buildings in the world. Later past noon, we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to take a full view of Paris, and the city view was spectacular! Then, we spent mostly the rest of the afternoon at the Louvre Museum. 





We also went to visit one of the grandest palaces in the world, the Versailles. It is best known for being the model of the vast European royal residence, built by King Louis XIV. The favorite part of my own would be its beautiful garden, walking around the garden was so relaxing and the landscapes were breathtaking.





Lastly, we went to one of the four most touristy landmarks of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe. But the roof was under repairing construction, so we did not get up to the top. Instead, we spent the rest of our time in Paris by wandering along the world’s famous shopping street, the Champs-Élysées Avenue. Since we had a very tight schedule and the time was too short, it was a pity that we did not get to see many other famous attractions. But it was an eye-opening and remarkable experience, Paris is definitely a place worth to visit for many times! And I can’t wait to start planning my second trip to Paris now!