Johnson & Wales University

Hello There!

My name is Anna Zarrella! I am Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management Major at the wonderful North Miami campus of Johnson and Wales University!  I was born and raised in South Florida, and I love it here, with all the art, culture, language and things to do, it is the place to be!  I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t love fashion, it is so special to who I am and who I want to be in my life.  My love for fashion doesn’t only translate through the way I dress, but also in my art work, I am a fashion photographer, and would love to someday become a photographer for a fashion magazine.    

On campus I am currently a part of the WildCat Magazine Staff, writing articles and taking pictures for North Miami.  I also am apart of DECA, an organization I am so excited to be involved in!  Unique to the Miami campus is the club Fahrenheit Models, a modeling agency started up by one of our very own students, I am auditioning to become a photographer for their events!  

On this blog I will be showing you what my JWU experience is like, from campus activities to leading life as a student in Miami!  image

Today marked the end of the second annual Olympiad here at JWU Charlotte! For those who may not know,Olympiad is a two day period when each of the floors in our two res-halls and in our apartment complex come together in events to determine a winner who gets bragging rights for the year. It has been a lot of fun and my team (the night owls) represented our floor greatly!!

First Summer in New England

It has been almost a month living in Providence, Rhode Island since I moved to this town for school at Johnson & Wales University. This is my first time studying abroad and I am so excited about it. Before school started for two weeks, summer was about to end, me and my friends in Boston wanted to do short weekend road trip so each ones decided to pick destination that we have never been to.

Portland, Maine. I want to see lighthouse!” – I recommended. Everyone agreed to head there.

Sometimes plan is just a plan. On our way there, we passed through one really nice beach and we stopped by to check out the city. We were arrived in “York Beach, Maine” instead. This place did not disappoint us. It is about almost two hours drive from Boston, Massachusetts. It was really nice weather on that day, many people come here to relax on weekend.


Seriously, I have never eaten Lobster before so we searched for restaurant nearby and found “Fox’s Lobster House” near York Beach, Maine. Absolutely, Why not check it out?


Delicious Food, Nice Service!

It was late in afternoon so we felt that we should go to somewhere along way back to Boston. Our plan was accidentally changed then I tried to look for somewhere else and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire was put on the list.

We all love this place a lot. It’s funny because I just got a Selfie Stick from Thailand. In my opinion, it is useful camera equipment for anyone who travel alone. There is no wonder for me to get one!

It was my first time taking photo with this stick. Here at Hampton Beach, people are so nice. They were excited with our Selfie Stick and asked us if they could join taking picture!


Selfie Strangers :

It was a nice day hanging out with my beloved friend and met some nice people here. I cannot wait to return to visit this place again next summer.

Even though we did not reach to Portland, but we did find lighthouse here in York, Maine. Isn’t it beautiful?


Summer here in New England was just wonderful!

- Mint Pattanan

So. Much. Bread.

Good evening, JWU and Tumblr!

Hope you all are enjoying the first day of our weekend and, if you’re in Providence, this nice warm weather. I’m completely exhausted after my five-day week of labs. This morning was a pastry skills lab with Chef Cirstea, who demonstrated and then let us try our hand at baguettes. I’ve taken a bread class before at my previous college, but felt like I really needed help with my shaping and scoring skills so I was excited to take advantage of today’s practice lab.

I still can’t call myself an expert at baking bread, but with Chef Cirstea’s help I have a much better understanding of properly scoring a baguette. She worked with me on shaping and said it looked nice, so I left feeling pretty encouraged and excited to take Advanced Artisan Breads next tri!

These pastry skills labs are so useful to me, and I try to show up at every one I can. It can be painful to get up early when everyone else is sleeping in, but learning a ton (and walking out at 1 pm with a few loaves of fresh-baked bread) is always worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Wildcats!

Hey y’all! My name is Erin Tucci, and I’m from San Jose, California. I’m currently a freshman at Johnson & Wales University- Downcity Campus in Providence, Rhode Island majoring in graphic design and digital media. Rhode Island is a lot different from California and it will take some getting used to for sure! Growing up in California, my family never traveled a whole lot so I only ever knew Nor Cal and it’s seasons, but I’m excited to experience the different seasons and explore the East Coast!

Since November of 2013, I knew that I would be attending JWU this fall and I cannot believe that it is finally here! I spent the last two weeks at home spending my time with anyone that I could and packing what I could into five or six bags. When I arrived on move-in everyone had carloads full of their items and I was just like, “yeah, I’ve got this and that’s it!” Today was the day that I finally got to meet my roommate, Eliza. She’s so sweet and I knew that we were going to be good friends from that moment. We both are such dorks and love to be ourselves no matter what others think of us. The first week of college has already come and gone, and I already have a great group of friends that I can’t wait to make memories with!

This is what everyone looks forward to in The Principles of Beverage Service, Wine tasting. I actually got tired of it to be honest (Everyone else would definitely disagree with me).

With every wine tasting we get a plate of cheese, crackers, and CHOCOLATE! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! And cheese too.

We learned how to identity each wine, smell, taste and pair it with other foods. We also learned to properly serve wine (I need to work more on that).


A little love goes a long way

While I know I’ve posted twice in one day, I think this important, so bear with me :). 

      This morning a classmate of mine was in distress. During the quiet tension of the class taking a test, I couldn’t help but notice her soft crying. In the midst of her obvious discountenance finishing my test suddenly didn’t seem so important. My bubbly classmate had a demeanor of utter defeat as she relayed her situation to our chef. From the moment our instructor took the time to sit and listen to what upset her I remembered the stress in her voice as she told me about the set backs her family faced with a member’s pending wedding. With less than 48 hours and still no flowers to speak of, it would have been easy for our chef to do nothing more than empathize and comfort my classmate with hollow condolences then ask her to resume her test. But to my surprise and admiration, he chose no such route. With a determined expression, the man that we pay to teach us reached out to help one of his students, not questions asked.

     Now, I have been asked by many incoming students why I chose Johnson & Wales out of so many other possible universities. And while my answers have always been true, today I discovered the real reason why this school is my home. When teachers go above and beyond and use their years of experience and connections to, in an essence, rescue one of their students, that is when I know I have chosen not only a school but an industry that  truly is a community.

So, for you readers out there who are considering J & W, consider how much more you will receive than just an education.

Love and Happy Eating,


From Bangkok to Providence

Hello everyone!

My name is Pattanan Ketthin (Mint) from Bangkok, Thailand.


I am a graduate student majoring in MBA Hospitality at Johnson & Wales University, Providence Campus. I graduated Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Studies from Bangkok University, Thailand. While pursuing a degree in Thailand, I attended the spring Work & Travel program in the US between the year of 2006 to 2009 during school break to socialize and learn culture through work experience. I enjoy traveling, taking photograph, doing yoga and playing guitar.

Through my blog, you will see stories of an international student living and studying abroad. It will mainly focus on traveling, interesting events on - off campus and some tips to international students for studying at university in America. I cannot wait to share you my journeys!

- Mint Pattanan


Whats up everyone my name is Nyle, I’m 20 years old (Sophomore), and I am a Media Communications Major at JWU Providence. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I attended both JWU PROVIDENCE AND JWU CHARLOTTE my freshman year and decided to come back to Providence to pursue my dream into becoming a book publisher and writer. I love writing poetry, short stories, and as of right now I am working on my first book. I also enjoy music, decorating, and traveling.

Many people wonder why I came all the way from GA to RI and my true reason was to branch out and go somewhere I’ve never been. I literally took a leap of faith and followed my heart. I believe that everyone should have there own adventures here and there because you never know what the outcomes could be. In my case it was developing great friendships and enhancing my knowledge for my future.

With that being said WELCOMto my blog! You will see a lot of motivational posting, natural hair and fashion trends, short stories, music, and of course JWU PROVIDENCE.image